An introduction to the life of don giovanni

Masetto and Zerlina celebrate their marriage. Won over, Zerlina agrees. Enthusiastic funs of Mozart in Prague desire to see a new Mozart opera. Giovanni begins his seductive arts, but Elvira arrives and tells Zerlina to flee her suitor. A false scare sends the pair running off. The overture begins with a thundering D minor cadence, followed by a short misterioso sequence which leads into a light-hearted D major allegro.

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Mozart composed some very great dramatic music for this scene. Ottavio, Anna, and Elvira unmask and threaten Giovanni, who disarms Ottavio with his sword and keeps the mob away.

He was so precise on this issue that the theme in the beginning of the overture of Don Giovanni is presented without trombones. As mentioned above, the final ensemble was customarily omitted from productions for over a century beginning with the original run in Prague, but it started to be performed again frequently in the 20th century and is now is usually included in productions of the opera.

Don Giovanni, relieved that he is unrecognised, readily promises it, and asks who has disturbed her peace. Giovanni orders Leporello to investigate the commotion. Despite the different texts, though, there is a definite sense of organization, sometimes with main and subsidiary voices, sometimes with combinations of a number of main voices and some subsidiary ones.

The voice of the statue interrupts and warns Don Giovanni that his laughter will not last beyond sunrise. He breaks free and she runs off as the Commendatore enters the garden.

She makes Don Ottavio swear vengeance against the unknown murderer.

Don Giovanni

The central issue of the drama is how something so banal as a duel as it was at that time inevitably changes his life completely, as well as the lives of those around him.

She leaves with Zerlina. It is not that he was simply a murderer. Don Giovanni tells Leporello to organize a party for the wedding guests at his palace, and looks forward to an evening of drinking and dancing and the sweet fare amore.

The fact that he was a genius, however, and therefore able to compose faster than anyone else, must not obscure the complex thought processes that went into the creation of his music.

An Introduction to Mozart's

However, Don Giovanni has no sense of remorse. As Giovanni leaves, Anna suddenly recognizes his voice as that of the murderer.Act 1 In the 17th century, in Spain, Don Giovanni is a legendary hero, Don Juan.

He makes a move on any woman, and jilts his lovers. He has instructed his attendant, Leporello, to stand guard outside while he attempts to creep into. Don Giovanni, or Don Juan, is the greatest seducer in history. He boasts of having slept with 2, women, a thousand of them in Spain alone.

Mozart's Don Giovanni also includes elements from another famous lover, as the librettist, Lorenzo Da Ponte, knew Casanova personally. About a third of the text, by Thomson Smillie, is devoted to Mozart's biography and the background to Don Giovanni, and the remainder is a summary of the opera itself.

The text is well organized and well written, including just enough information, peppered with relevant and entertaining anecdotes.8/ Don Giovanni is the perfect example of how a dramma giocoso embodies the very essence of music.

Throughout the opera, the more the subjective situation of a character becomes tragic, the more comic is the objective situation and vice versa. He then launches an exploration of Mozart’s life and compositional process, making use of Mozart’s letters and compositional sketches to illustrate his points.

The lecture culminates with a performance of select scenes from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni, featuring guest singer Professor Richard Lalli. In the first scene of the opera, Don Giovanni kills Donna Anna’s father, Don Pedro, the Commendatore and in the final scene of the opera, a marble statue of the Commendatore comes to life to punish Don Giovanni, ushering him into hell.

An introduction to the life of don giovanni
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