Caring for children and young people essay

Disadvantage Residential care 18 years people are looked after by the residential homes. Foster Parents get money Feel safe and secure because they are taken out from danger. It had four main principles; that all children will have the rights that the convention guaranteed; the interests of the child must be a primary thought in the actions considering them, every child has the right to life, survival and development, and that their view must be taken into account in all matters that will have an impact on them.

Caring for Children and Young People Essay

They have to keep all information about the child maintained and up to date and to make sure that it is in a safe place where only the social workers can have access to it. We will write a custom essay sample on Caring For Children and Young People or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The different types of maltreatment which can occur within families can be abuse, which can also range from being physical, emotional, intellectual or sexual abuse; neglect; bulling and harassment.

This provides a good incentive for social workers to meet the standards. However, I feel that it may be more effective if the HCPC were to regularly inspect services to ensure they are of a high standard.

If they get a good job it will solve their finical problems such as paying their electricity bills or insurances etc. It can provide break for family and other siblings also.

Emotional There are many different signs and symptoms of emotional abuse. The Education Regulation looked After Children, Wales provided looked after children by the Welsh Assembly Government to have priority over admissions to schools during and after the timetabled admissions process.

I believe that this type of ordinance is effectual because any counselling service that does non run into the criterion will be taken off their registry. A procedure is a set of steps the organisation will follow to be able to achieve these. They have to do this whether the child is only with them for a day or for a longer period of time.

They will need to be flexible in themselves as quite often they will have different children living with them, who will all be different and have different needs and they will have to be able to look after them as closely as possible to cater for these. There are also child related reasons for a young person to be put into care and some of these are listed below: Following the policies and procedures of setting; Observation; Responsibility for observing children and families and their interaction; Recognising maltreatment indicators; How to respond if maltreatment is suspected; What action to take following disclosure, maintaining confidentiality according to policies of the setting Responding to direct or indirect disclosure: If you took a child away from its own home, and put them in the safe environment, it may be more cost effective, but it could deprive a child from the essential bond with their family.

They take every thing in the consideration. If person had a old strong belief this would be flagged up and they would non be allowed to work with vulnerable grownups depending on the offense. I believe that this is an effective way of regulating social services because it ensures that they all must follow the set standards proposed by the HCPC.

Neglect happens when the parents choose to simply ignore the child.

Caring for Children and Young people Essay Sample

BACP participates in the development of counselling and psychotherapy at an international level. Unwanted pregnancy may occur as a consequence of maltreatment on the basis of sexual abuse.

A child may have a sexually transmitted disease which would lead to suspicion and which would also explain the discomfort in the genital area. Substance abuse may occur as the young people may find it relieving to excessively drink as it takes the pain away and by abusing drugs.

Emotional abuse is when things are said to the person who can mentally damage them, for example telling your child something which can make them feel bad about themselves and it can lead to disorders such as anxiety or depression if it continues.

If the child is a baby a major sign of neglect which would lead to suspicion would be if the baby has a persistent nappy rash. The maximal countenance that they can keep is to strike a individual off their registry.

More essays like this: The Children Act plays a bigger part now enabling children in most instants to stay with their families rather than being take away and being put in a home. One is voluntary where their parents put them in care because either they cannot cope or are finding it difficult to look after the child.

Most children grow up, leave the household, and become independent. This would also be reported to the BACP and they would no longer be able to practice under them.Caring for Children and Young People Booklet Why positive relationships with children /young people are important Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people.

Caring for Children and Young people Essay Sample. The services I have talked about are regulated in different ways. I had a look at the Cambridge Children’s centre and Cambridge counselling service. Develop an information pack outlining the arrangements for providing quality care for looked after children and young people.

Response. Care is split into many different sectors, if a child or young person is put into the care system they will be in one of the following sectors; foster care.

Caring For Children and Young People

There are many reasons why children and young people need to be looked after other than their own family. Those reasons may include family bereavement, parental illness or incapacity, suspected or actual ill- treatment, domestic violence, child’s behaviour, child’s learning difficulties, child, disabilities, offending behaviour or even the child own health problem.

Caring for Children and Young People Essay It is a unique shared experience for implies and can affect all aspects of a families dally activities - Caring for Children and Young People Essay. Care for Children and Young People. Q. Describe health and social care services provision for looked- after children and young people (Pass 3).

Organisation of care provision.

Caring for children and young people essay
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