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A practice of cheating in examinations will urge people to cheat in all walks of life. It includes the use of illegal and unacceptable or easy ways to achieve something. Success in the examination appears to be the right thing; the dishonest way to achieve it becomes misty and unclear.

Sometimes, students cheat due to peer pressure. Kevin Curran has pointed out that the traditional methods of detection cannot be successful in preventing cheating in this age of technology. For children and adolescents, the line between right and wrong is hazy.

Some are not interested in academic subjects, some do not have the ability to cope with them, some are not willing to toil and there are some who would just like to do without degrees of any kind.

A student who neglects his studies is prompted to cheat in the examination when he wants to get through at any cost. There are several ways to get happiness and money is the chief way.

It is important to make students aware that grades are meant to assess their performance so that they can be trained accordingly.

If this continues, the youths learn to digest the sense of guilt and the tendency to cheat is nurtured and developed. According to McCabe D. Educational institutions give marks and grades and undue importance is attached to grades. Yet, parents and teachers must shape their minds appropriately so that they avoid cheating.

At middle school or high school, peer pressure plays an important role. Cheating is undesirable and unacceptable because it always usurps the rights of others and inflicts injustice upon others. These are the springs of cheating. A student who refuses to help a friend in the examination may be rejected by his peers.

Essay writing services must be banned to stop cheating, say academics

Happiness should be self- earned, through fair and honest means. Students nowadays resort to technology for cheating. Teachers have to be alert. It is all a matter of values. The active human brain comes up with strategies that make the paths easier.Passing off a custom-made essay as your own is a form of plagiarism known as contract cheating.

It involves a student ordering an essay, usually through a website, for a fee. But it could also be friends or family members writing an essay on a student's behalf.

- Plagiarism - The Path to Self-destruction Why do so many people use simply to plagiarize other people's writing.

Is it even possible that someone cannot write their own essay, or that someone cannot read a book of any length.

If you plagiarize, aren't you sentencing yourself to failure. Good Essay Topics on Cheating. Completing an essay about cheating might not be too difficult for the students as they are fully acknowledged with this theme.

It is a daily part of the students’ lives, so they must not be confused. If you are the one, who has the task to write a paper on such theme, the beginning step is to pick up the topic. Academic cheating can include cheating on exams, plagiarism of essays, or cheating on homework.

These are the forms of cheating that are intolerable in classes, according to syllabi. All throughout high school, I never understood why cheating on homework was made into such a significant issue. ‘Contract cheating’ is rapidly increasing around the world.

Photograph: Zulkhairi Dzulhasnan/Getty Images/iStockphoto The British government has been urged to outlaw essay writing services that allow university students to pay for coursework for their degrees, after a study found that use of “contract cheating” is rapidly increasing around.

According to McCabe D., cheating is more common in higher education and professional colleges.

Essay cheating: How common is it?

Teachers have to be alert. There is a need to change their ways of vigilance.

Cheating essay writing
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