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Inthe United States used fireworks in its first Independence Day celebration, and fireworks have become closely associated with July Fourth celebrations ever Chinese fireworks to invest or. Until recently, demand had been stable, but had risen in the past three decades because of increased economic development and living standards.

There were many varieties of fireworks. One year after introducing the offensive strategy, Liuyang fireworks sales had increased.

The larger an importer you are, the higher a priority listing you will receive. The main raw materials for fireworks were gunpowder, color ingredients, paper, fuse and clay soil.

Chinese Fireworks - to Invest or Not to Invest Essay

We watch the news most days. As the profit margin kept shrinking, some workshops would hire cheap unskilled workers, and use cheap equipment and raw materials to cut down on cost. As the Chinese economy advanced, the government was forcing more manufacturing regulations onto firms that were driving up costs.

First, it opened local offices in most of the 29 provinces, major cities and regions to promote Liuyang fireworks. Therefore, no special storage was required. The Chinese Fireworks Industry Executive Summary An organization can only improve its functioning, if it makes itself aware of its weaknesses and then acts to correct those deficiencies.

The few resources that were available were all spent on product varieties. The most popular market had been Europe, where the regulations on fireworks were less stringent, and orders were of larger quantities and better prices. We do not have our own wholesale or retail operations.

The Chinese Fireworks Industry

As a result of Chinese economic growth, wages had almost doubled over the past 5 years. Small restaurants put signs on locked doors encouraging us to return in 10 days.

It is very important to take the first-movers advantage in these countries. Among them, about a dozen or so were medium to large factories with employment between to workers. It was hoped that this privatization might help to motivate people to increase their productivity and raise output.

Most accidents were linked to consumer backyard events rather than to public displays. Failing to see the importance of brand equity, the Chinese fireworks manufacturers were sometimes reduced to mere manufacturing outfits for foreign companies, gradually losing their own brands.

The factories themselves were made up of small workshops that stood away from each other, so that in case of an accident the whole factory would not explode. The majority of the manufacturing workers were regular farmers who had learned how to make fireworks just by watching and following their elders.

If you would prefer to add some diversity to the existing brands that you carry, you will find the Dominator Brand a great addition. However, both sides agreed that the Chinese fireworks industry would have to change its strategy, especially in international competition, to stay a viable and profitable player.

Competing with them will call for dedication and massive capital investments. The export price of Chinese fireworks was between one-fifth and one-third the wholesale price in the United States.

Almost every province had some fireworks-making workshops or factories, many set up and run with the help of skilled workers who had migrated from Liuyang. In Canada, however, regulations were extremely restrictive.

Chinese Fireworks Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

After the reform towards a market economy started inmost of the factories were broken up and became family-run units of production again. As early asLiuyang fireworks were chosen as official tributes to the imperial family and were sold all over the country.

Jerry Yu is challenged to decide whether it is worthwhile to invest in the fireworks industry considering the threats it is facing and the weaknesses of the industry. Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation prohibits any form of reproduction, storage or transmission without its written permission.The Chinese Fireworks Industry Essay.

Words Jan 31st, Jerry Yu, who was running a small family-owned chain of gift stores in New York, was asked to invest in a fireworks factory. He has management experience and global insight with an MBA, Chinese Fireworks Essay. During his visit, his relatives invited him to invest in a fireworks factory that was owned by a village.

Mr. Yu had been impressed by the extravagant fireworks shows he had seen during the festival; however, he wanted to assess how attractive the Chinese fireworks industry was before he even looked at the financial details of the factory.

The Chinese Fireworks Industry essay

Another opportunity for Jerry was the encouragement he received from his family to invest in a village owned company. Since Jerry is American, he could also capitalize on the American market as an opportunity.

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The Chinese Fireworks Industry Case The SWOT analysis of his business proposal is as follows: Strengths (S Thebrand has been in. Buy Fireworks Direct From China at Dun Pai Fireworks, Dominator Fireworks, Import, Drop-ship, Wholesale Fireworks.

We make an effort to ship before the long Chinese New Year break to ensure you receive all your product in time for early spring demos and avoid any risks of delay during the rush up to July 4th.

We invest heavily in live. Executive memo chinese fireworks Essay ´╗┐ Chinese Fireworks Industry Memo To: Jerry Yu From: Robert Burke cc: Frances Tucker Date: Re: Marketing Strategy for Chinese Fireworks Industry Introduction From the SWOT analysis and my further analysis of the case, the marketing issue that needs to be solved in order to help determine a decision.

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Chinese fireworks to invest or
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