Computer hardware and netwoking question papers

What are the different types of it? On router it have 60 pins. The ATX form factor was an overall better design for upgrading. How a server motherboard different from a desktop? It is the type of the memory module can be used in laptop.

Intel Core i7 series uses x58 chip set and Core i7 series and Core i5 processors runs on P55 chipset. What is Proxy Server? Anonymous FTP enables users to connect to a host without using a valid login and password. This is classified mainly into three Desktop, Laptop and Server motherboard.

The Mount protocol returns a file handle and the name of the file system in which a requested file resides. What are the different DRAM types? Sets of physical memory modules is referred to as memory banks. In windows98 it is command.

Computer Science - Computer Hardware

If you have not activated windows XP, you can do so at any time by clicking the windows Activation icon in the system tray to initiate activation. It ties all the components of the computer together. UTP cable is used in star topology. VRAM is dual ported. Without a pseudo tty, no connection can take place.

SRAM is used in devices that require the fastest possible data access without requiring a high capacity. What are the client configurations?

None of the answers are correct. Is it is using now? It provides a platform to application software. Router is a device that is used to connect two different networks.

Computer Hardware Chapter Exam

What is Cache memory? Layer is a completely logical partition of PDU protocol data unit process. What is memory bank? SSDs use microchips which retain data in non-volatile memory chips and contain no moving parts.

It is a smaller version of a dual in-line memory module DIMM. What is package software? Jumpers are sometimes used to configure expansion boards. A pseudo tty or false terminal enables external machines to connect through Telnet or rlogin.Oct 12,  · Can you provide me the details about Diploma in Computer Hardware Model Paper?

Computer Hardware and Networking Course: ECIL Model Question Paper in Computer. Our + Computer Networks questions and answers focuses on all areas of Computer Networks subject covering + topics in Computer Networks.

The question papers given Questions and answers are very good. so i need pdf file of computer netwoking Please send me all hardware and networking question. PSC Question Papers.

Networking Interview Questions O requests to be sent to and received from a remote computer and it hides the networking hardware from. COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE NQF LEVEL 3 This question paper consists of 9 pages.

QUESTION 4: PC OR HANDHELD COMPUTER HARDWARE. This is the computer science questions and answers section on "Computer Hardware" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test.

Computer hardware and netwoking question papers
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