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The argument that condemns Kumalo is that he entered the house with a weapon, the use of which might result in the death of a man who interfered with the burglary.

Literary Analysis Describe how South Africa changed from a thriving farming community to a desolate land. So while Paton worked to improve these awful conditions for the young men living at Diepkloof, he also used some of his experiences there as a source for his novel, to spread the word about social causes for the growing racial inequality dividing the nation.

Book 1 points to the erosion of the land as the people leave their native soil. Because it cannot be established beyond doubt that the other two accused men were at the scene of the crime, they are acquitted, which suggests that this is not a trial in which innocent people are railroaded.

In this respect, he has an unshakeable sense of duty. How did the changes happen? Born in South Africa, Paton knew firsthand the tragedy that marked his homeland.

Since he admitted that he killed Arthur Jarvis, the issue is not one of guilt or innocence but of intent, since he claims that he did not intend to kill. Lives and Deaths Write an essay comparing and contrasting the lives and deaths of Absalom and Arthur Jarvis. He inspires respect and affection in others.

These questions deal with political and social issues. He noted that although the story is not true, it is a social record of the truth. Many of the white people who believed in apartheid felt that it was actually the divine purpose of the Afrikaner people to maintain the racial superiority of whites over black people in South Africa source.

He employs intercalary chapters to dramatize the historical setting of the novel. Today, South Africa is a multiracial society in which whites and blacks are treated equally under the law.

Huge political and social changes have taken place sincethe year in which the novel is set. Looking at the diversity of South African life now, it is amazing to think that just twenty years ago, the country was still struggling through one of the bitterest racial struggles of modern history.

Cry, the Beloved Country

How do they impact his relationship with Kumalo? John seems to believe that black people simply need more money and power to be free. Jarvis and Kumalo unintentionally meet and discuss the tragedy. What are some of the ways they are very different? It was the first time in South Africa that blacks had been allowed to vote.

It is difficult to maintain the beauty and fertility of the land when the tribal natives head for the promises of the city. Indeed, this novel speaks for all lost generations who seek direction in a dark world.

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According to the judge, South African law says that an intention to kill may be inferred from such circumstances. We get into the writing a little bit more in the section called unsurprisingly "Style.

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Inprotesting students in the black township of Soweto, near Johannesburg, were fired on by police. Diction remains simple, yet eloquent in its delivery by the various characters.Essays and criticism on Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country - Critical Essays.

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