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On the whole, however, the numerous messages of A Christmas Carol expand far beyond this narrow political critique of Victorian society. What are the symbolic meanings of the main characters? Moreover, Scrooge is a strong supporter of the Poor Law ofwhich allowed the poor to be interned in workhouses.

If he be like to die, he had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Scrooge begs the ghost for another chance and wakes in his bed on Christmas morning, resolved to changing his life by being generous and loving to his family, employees, and the poor.

This theme is repeated when the first spirit exposes Scrooge to phantoms wailing in agony, many of whom Scrooge recognizes. Asked whether he wishes to sup port a charity, Scrooge replies that he does support charities--prisons and workhouses, which are all the charity the poor need.

A Christmas Carol is an allegory in that it features events and characters with a clear, fixed symbolic meaning. On Christmas morning, Scrooge awakes, having already been visited by all three ghosts.

Major Themes A Christmas Carol has been deemed a biting piece of social commentary by some. Marley is filled with regret for good deeds not done.

A wealthy, elderly man, Scrooge is considered miserly and misanthropic: Dickens uses the tem poral inconsistencies to emphasize the supernatural powers of the spirits--when they are around, normal earthly standards, including the flow of time, have no effect.

A few full-length studies of the novella have traced the impact of the story on English and American culture and have discussed the copious imitations, adaptations, and modernized versions of the tale.

The Ghost of Christmas Past, with his glowing head symbolizing the mind, represents memory; the Ghost of Christmas Present represents generosity, empathy, and the Chri stmas spirit; and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come represents the fear of death and moral reckoning.

Yet the novella remains a Christmas favorite. The presence of the spirits apparently bends the normal flow of time. First published inthe novella garnered immediate critical and commercial attention and is credited with reviving interest in charitable endeavors, the possible perils of economic success, and festive traditions of the Christmas season.

But, the time scheme of the story itself seems to make little sense. Time is very important in A Christmas Carol, which is structurally centered around distinct elements of Past, Present, and Future. Why might Dickens have chosen to structure his book in this way?

In life Marley was very similar in attitude and temperament to Scrooge: The Ghost of Christmas Present is represented by a hearty, genial man who reminds Scrooge of the joy of human companionship, which he has rejected in favor of his misanthropic existence.

Dickens harshly criticizes these attitudes and presents a highly sympathetic view of the poor through his depiction of the C ratchits.

An important idea that the author stresses is that humans are responsible for their own destiny, both as individuals and as a group. The Cratchits represent the poor, whom Dickens portrays with warmth and sympathy while seeking to draw attention to their plight.

The three nights seem to be compressed into a single night. Marley announces that Scrooge will be visited by three more specters: A Christmas Carol is one of the most recognizable stories in English literature.

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens - Essay

Dickens often uses Scrooge as a mouthpiece to express the more callous justifications and excuses used to defend the harsh treatment of the poor. The ghost of Marley teaches his former partner the lesson of materialism, as Marley is condemned to drag an enormous chain attached to cash boxes: Critics have underscored the scathing criticism of s London, an economically and socially stratified city that Dickens believed imprisoned its poor and oppressed its lower classes.

The phantoms suffer because they now see humans who need their help, but they are unable to do anything:“A Christmas Carol” is a short Christmas story, written by Charles Dickens during the period of Victorian England. Dickens portrayed a symbolic character of the upper class of the society at that time, Ebenezer Scrooge, who was a stingy, pessimistic miser, and eventually transformed into a warm-hearted, optimistic old man.

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: and satirical essays about Christmas and more religious tracts regarding the Christmas the interpretations and observances of the Christmas holiday.

In other words, A Christmas Carol is not merely the fun, lyrical or flippant children’s tale about the Christmas spirit. A Christmas Carol by: Charles Dickens Summary. Plot Overview; Summary & Analysis; Stave One: Marley's Ghost Suggested Essay Topics. How is the holiday of Christmas portrayed in the story?

(Think of the moral, social, aesthetic, and religious aspects of the holiday.) How do the comic aspects of A Christmas Carol interact with and support. ESSAYS ON Charles Dickens’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL. 1 Editor’s Note 3 Charles dickens: His Life and His Work Charles dickens’s A Christmas Carol andy willhide 31 Charles dickens’s Victorian Christmas Carol University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

these essays are the result of an immense amount of effort on the part of my. In A Christmas Carol, an allegory of spiritual values versus material ones, Charles Dickens shows Scrooge having to learn the lesson of the spirit of Christmas, facing the reality of his own.

A Christmas Carol Critical Essays

A Christmas Carol study guide contains a biography of Charles Dickens, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major .

Essay questions christmas carol charles dickens
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