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Oakland gang injunctions

Last month, the California Department of Justice sent 10 special agents to provide investigative support to the Oakland Police Department during the investigation and the Acorn gang takedown.

Hu says one gang in particular that had formed in Oakland, called Wo Hop To, began to pose a major threat to the Chinatown community.

The increase of punishment can be argued that it will lead to higher violations of civil rightsas more power is given to authorities. This causes many innocent people to be unfairly included under the gang injunction.

List of Street Gangs in Oakland

An Oakland Police Department analysis of West Oakland crime statistics indicates a 66 percent decrease in shootings Gangs in oakland a 28 percent decrease in robberies since officers began targeting the Acorn gang with aggressive enforcement.

Gangs in Fruitvale are primarily of Latino descent and within areas where people who cannot afford the high prices of real estate in other areas, such as San Francisco, are now moving to in large numbers.

While gang injunctions are supposed to make Oakland safer and decrease crime, the highest crime rate is actually in West Oakland district 3 and in East Oakland districts 6 and 7, which do not currently have any injunctions in place.

Eventually people in Chinatown figured it out and started talking to Hu. They were busy, he adds. This proposed alternative will provide emotional and social supports such as the gangs often do, without the crime.

State agents have recently led operations to shut down a Norteno street gang in Stockton, a Crip gang in Atwater and a violent Cambodian Street gang in Stockton. The Acorn gang is a turf oriented criminal street gang that began its operation in the s as a street level supplier of marijuana and cocaine in Oakland.

Gentrification or Public Safety. Gentrification or Public Safety?. This causes gang members to suffer the consequences and limits their opportunities for growth and gang-free living even after they have not committed any crime. For instance, the targeted areas are not always where the highest crime rate is taking place.

It took about six months, but pretty soon he says informants were coming to him.

Oakland's first gang-unit member recalls a dangerous Chinatown

Another argument is that the fear that injunctions implement on gang members is what leads to effective injunctions and have This proves the effectiveness of some injunctions as crime rates are known to decrease by five percent in the first year of injunctions.

Hu retired from the Oakland Police Department inbut the Gang Unit he helped build is still in operation. Rosen, Eva; Sudhir Venkatesh Mazerolle, Lorraine Green; Jan Roehl For more information about state crime crackdowns and the role of special agents in the California Department of Justice visit: Intersectional Resistance and Law Reform.

They are also vague by accusing gang members by association rather than by crime.Oakland gang injunctions win narrow support from City Council.

Sean Maher (Oakland Tribune) May 18, OAKLAND — Gang injunctions in North Oakland and the Fruitvale district won the support of the City Council Tuesday night. San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley Gang Map.

San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley Gang Map. Open full screen to view more.

Brown Backs Oakland Police Department's Acorn Gang Investigation, Takedown

San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley Gang Mapviews. Share. OAKLAND--California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today joined the Oakland Police Department in announcing the results of “Operation Nutcracker,” a major takedown of the violent Acorn gang that has terrorized the East Bay with homicides, drug trafficking and carjacking.

Street gangs in Oakland, California

In the s, newspapers were regularly reporting on growing Asian gang problems in Oakland and in the Oakland police department created a special unit to address the issue.

Oakland Hoods Map. An Oakland Hood Map of the Oakland hoods of East Oakland, West Oakland, and North Side Oakland, in a city were there are not any Oakland gangs like Los Angeles.

Due to escalating gang activity and high crime rates in Oakland, California Mayor Jean Quan proposed gang injunctions in Oakland, which were passed in May, [ citation needed ] These highly controversial injunctions were only proposed for 2 areas of Oakland – .

Gangs in oakland
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