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Candidates are also advised to refer to the " Frequently Asked Questions " for the examination in Hong Kong for more details. How to apply Applicants should read the " Notes for Applicants " and " Frequently Asked Questions " for the examination outside Hong Kong carefully before making an application.

The result of the BLT is of permanent validity. The acquisition of the BLT result does not imply that a candidate has fully met the entry requirements of any civil service post at degree or professional level.

Results in the AT paper are classified as Pass or Fail. Some civil service grades e. Persons who are arranged to sit the examination in Hong Kong in October are NOT allowed to apply for sitting the examination again outside Hong Kong.

The CRE is held independently of the recruitment process for any civil service post. An overall band of 6. The result of the BLT will be one of the considerations to assess the suitability of a candidate.

Applicants are required to keep the serial number until the examination is over. Mail items bearing insufficient postage will not be delivered to the CSEU and will be returned to the sender or disposed of by the Hongkong Post, where appropriate.

The BLT is held independently of the recruitment process for any civil service posts. An e-mail will be sent to candidates notifying them of the relevant examination details.

If applicants do not receive the acknowledgement, they should contact the CSEU by phone or by e-mail. Level 2 and Level 1 results of the two language papers and Pass result of the AT paper are of permanent validity.

There is no passing mark set for the BLT and the full mark of the paper is Applicants may choose to attempt all, any one, or any combination of the papers.

Applications with incomplete or unclear information, late applications, duplicate applications, or applications submitted by fax or e-mail will NOT be processed. If candidates do not receive the e-mail by 26 Novemberthey should immediately contact the CSEU by phone or by e-mail.

Applicants with Level 2 in the UE and UC papers are considered as meeting the general language proficiency requirements of all degree or professional grades. To avoid unsuccessful delivery of mail items, please ensure that the address on the envelope is clear and correct, and sufficient postage has been paid.

The application period is from 22 September to 5 October Applicants with the above results may wish to take this into account in deciding whether they need to take the UE paper. Candidates may, if they wish to, take the BLT again when applications for the next round of test are called. Applicants are advised to ascertain the requirements of the civil service post s in which they are interested and other examination results accepted as equivalent to CRE results before deciding on which paper s they should attempt.

Degree holders without the requisite CRE results may still apply for these posts but will not be eligible for the degree pay point.

Applicants for some of these posts are also required to obtain a Pass in the AT paper in addition to the requisite results in the UE and UC papers. Any requests for change of examination venue will NOT be considered. Applicants are therefore strongly advised to submit their applications early in order to avoid the last-minute rush of applications which may overload the on-line application system and thereby render applicants unable to complete their on-line applications on time.

The acquisition of the requisite CRE results does not imply that a candidate has fully met the entry requirements of any civil service post at degree or professional level.

Persons who wish to apply for civil service posts at degree or professional level should first obtain the requisite CRE results unless otherwise specified in the relevant recruitment advertisements.HKALE Writing Topics 1.

Many People Think That Sex __ue_1. UE writing sample. KELY to - UE Writing Topics 10 min plan, 50 min write, 10 min check 一般分 5 段,intro, point 1 –3, conclusion,每段約 字.

HKALE Writing Topics 1. Many people think that sex education is important. HKALE Writing Topics 1.

When the ‘new towns’ in the New Territories, such as Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan, were first planned, it was intended that they should provide a new way of life for their inhabitants. KELY to - UE Writing Topics 5/5(1). AS-UE-C–1 HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY HONG KONG ADVANCED LEVEL EXAMINATION USE OF ENGLISH AS-LEVEL SECTION C READING AND LANGUAGE SYSTEMS Question-Answer Book am – noon (1½ hours) Q.P.

English Place - English Place

Code: INSTRUCTIONS 1. Write your Candidate Number, Centre Number and. JUPAS Guide & Summary. /10/10 Important Dates (p) 2/12 Application via web 5//5 Change of programme choices via web inform JUPAS in writing Minimum grades in. Centre Supervisors’ Conference HKALE Use of English 10 M arch CONTENTS.

Important Notes Major Exam Procedures Highlights of UE Listening Test Handling of Exam Irregularities Q & A. Important Notes. IMPORTANT NOTES. Slideshow by miracle.

English Place - English Place To find the script for The Taming Of The Shrew, scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find attachments. Please print out a copy of the script and bring it with you to the first read through.

Hkale ue writing a check
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