How to write a feature article for school newspaper templates

The appeal of these articles is usually the personal touch and viewpoints that they offer. It has a very professional look, with the generous splashes of maroon against a white background. It makes predictions on the consequences of the event or action being reported. Analysis and opinion on current issues.

Ads and to a much lesser extent, subscriptions pay the costs of operating a newspaper. You will get a huge space for inserting important image on top. The nut graph is the paragraph that contains the core information about the story and tells the reader why the story is important.

Feature Article Word Templates

Writers go beyond just the facts on the surface and add colour, detail, background and personal comment. Purpose Feature articles are detailed pieces of writing that explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas.

A newspaper is a daily or weekly publication that contains news articles, editorials, and other items. You may also like. References to other articles from other reputable sources on dress codes.

It should have the largest title, the most compelling images, and provoke the most thought and discussion. A feature article may provide more information about an important issue, offer an opinion about current affairs, or simply present a personal or humorous perspective on modern day life.

Reporters research and write the articles. Paid advertisements are scattered throughout the paper except on first pages the ads generate most of the revenue that keeps a newspaper in business. For example, if the principal of your school institutes a new dress code policy, a feature article on the subject might include in no particular order: Creating a School Newspaper in Elementary School If you are looking for tips on how to create a newspaper for your school, you will find an article here that offers step y step instructions on compiling a promising school newspaper.

End with a concluding paragraph that wraps up the most salient points of your article. Students can be reporters, researching and writing newspaper articles.

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Structure of a Newspaper Article Each newspaper article has a title called the headline that is set in large type. Use clear and simple language.

Picture Dictionary You can create your own newspaper.


Download Editable Elementary School Newspaper Template If you have to include multiple news stories with pictures for each one of them on the cover page in columns, this smart template would e really helpful for you. Classified ads section in which people and businesses advertise items for sale and post job notices.

Regardless, it should appeal to the particular audience being targeted. The facts of the new dress code the who, why, where, what, when, and how. It will also allow you to inset full-page images.

Newspaper Article Template

Below are a few of the s of templates available to you.School Newspaper Templates – 11+ Free EPS Documents Download! Writing for a school magazine and for newspaper is an exciting thing and it fills the student with pride when they are allotted the task of preparing Free Newspaper Templates.

How to Write a Profile Feature Article s a student journalist, your mission is to inform your peers. Obviously, your story will be grounded by your familiarity with your own school.

But you should seek a variety of perspectives and several expert opinions. A "profile feature" is a newspaper article that explores the background and.

School Newspaper Templates – 11+ Free EPS Documents Download!

Teachers and students can choose from several templates to publish class newspapers, informational brochures, and flyers announcing class events. a class newspaper is created based on the story.

William Caxton, was born on this day in Students consider how the printing press affects their world by completing a printing inventory. Aug 20,  · To write a feature article, start with a sentence paragraph that draws your reader into the story.

The second paragraph needs to explain why the story is important so the reader keeps reading, and the rest of the piece needs to follow your outline so you can make sure everything flows together how you intended. Write a 87%(91). Newspaper Feature Article #2 Write a feature article for a newspaper.

Pick a topic that interests you, then research it before writing the piece. Prompts: Headline, Introduce the topic and write most intersting aspect, Support with quotes, anecdotes, facts, background info, Summarize topic plus a message or lesson learned.

My Week in School. Feature Article Template Follow this step-by-step guide to write a strong feature. Think of a template as braces for your teeth or training wheels for your bike.

How to write a feature article for school newspaper templates
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