Impaired driving essay

A person on the road should simply be a responsible driver, as health and lives of other people are in his or her hands. While a possible fine will not stop someone from driving drunk, a close friend telling them not to drive will prevent them from doing so.

Brainwork constitutes the main part of the driving process. Fatigue usually develops during long trips and has possible consequences after hours of driving.

The fact remains true, that no matter what anyone does, whether increasing the punishment, or educating the public, we cannot completely solve the problem of drunk driving. While the fight against drunk driving seems to have no end, many other solutions exist besides the raising of fines.

Impaired driving essay prevention of drunk driving does not lie in legislation, but in education. The only desire is to drive recklessly. It means that a driver should have no emotions, neither positive nor negative. Controlling the emotional sphere is one of the most difficult tasks.

Emotional and hot-tempered drivers are much more inclined to the dangerous actions, which raise fuel consumption through sharp accelerations, scrolling, and wheels spin.

An individual needs to know facts such as how many drinks it takes to push them above the legal blood alcohol limit to drive.

Impaired Driving Essays (Examples)

People simply do not consider the legal punishment when making the decision to drive while intoxicated. The attention dissipates; the coordination worsens. Educated people make educated decisions, and educated people will not make the decision to drive drunk.

People posses their own determination and will do what they want to do, and this willpower becomes even stronger when alcohol enters the picture. Eight of nine researches showed that the drivers, who used to take drugs, had accidents more often than the other participants of the road traffic.

This situation proves that a driver in a bad mood can drive a car worse than a beginner. A tired driver is not able to concentrate his or her attention on the separate objects; he reacts to the sudden changes of a road situation more slowly, as well.

There were evidences reported that the probability of the road accidents is in direct proportion to the concentration of metabolites of drugs in urine and frequency of the drugs abuse cases. The increase in fines, however, would prove completely ineffective and have no impact whatsoever on the amount of drunk driving that takes place.Oct 01,  · Words: Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Driving hile Impaired in Canada Tough new laws have been enacted in Canada in response to the problem of driving while impaired.

In this case "impaired" means driving while intoxicated on alcohol -- being over the limit on blood alcohol (driving under the influence, DUI / driving while intoxicated, DI) -- or on drugs. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Impaired Driving And Aggressive Driving" Introduction Driving is the navigation of a vehicle along a pathway such as roads and railways.

Driving can be used for any vehicles that are capable of traveling from one place to another.

Impaired driving is operating any motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The maximum legal blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, limit in Ontario for fully­licensed drivers over the age of.

Custom Impaired Driving Essay Driving a car, in fact, is a dance or playing a musical instrument. At first, a person practices necessary movements for second-nature; later, hands and feet do everything themselves on the road.

Custom Impaired Driving Essay

Drunk driving is a serious problem that continues to take thousands of deaths each year. Too many lives have been lost to drunk driving. A death from drunk driving does not only affect the victim. Impaired Driving Essay May 16, Impaired driving is the act of driving a motor vehicle with blood levels of alcohol in excess of a legal limit.

Similar regulations cover driving or operating certain types of machinery while affected by drinking alcohol or taking other drugs.

Impaired driving essay
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