Life is so good richard glaubman

In this remarkable book, George Dawson, a year-old man who learned to read when he was 98, reflects on the philosophy he learned from his father-abelief that life is so good-as he offers valuable lessons in living and a fresh, firsthand view of America during the twentieth century.

Life is So Good

Every morning I get up and I wonder what I might learn that day. Back at our farm I was most often the first one up.

Most people agreed as to how those cars were close to useless, but I still liked them anyway. The other theme running through these recollections is the institutionalized racism of the American South.

Synopsis A man who learned to read when he was ninetyeight recalls the early hardships of his life, shares his memories of segregation, and discusses his philosophical observations.

Life is so good. There was lots of chores to do, but sometimes, shutting the door quietly, I would lean against the logs and look at the sky and take a few moments for myself. He was married twice, widowed twice, and raised seven children.

Life Is So Good

After a good rain, I saw cars being towed by a mule or a team of horses. The top could come down, of course, and it was something to see.

Despite the harsh conditions of his life, he considers himself fortunate to have enjoyed food, housing, friends and family he has outlived four wives and fathered seven children.

Throughout his story, Dawson repeats the message that has sustained a happy life, thathis father passed on to him at an early age: I liked to look at the stars on the still and quiet mornings and listen for the howl of the coyotes.

Inside, the cabin had the comfortable feel of people. Life is good, just theway it is. For almost four years, I had gotten used to being alone. You just never know. Born in in Marshall, Texas, thegrandson of slaves, George Dawson tells how his father, despite hardships, always believed in seeing the richness in life and trained his children to do the same.

Life Is so Good

In Life Is So Good, he shares wisdomon everything from parenting With children, you got to raise them. But from his warm and loving parents Dawson inherited a positive life philosophy, based on focusing on how much they had rather than how little, and on wise observance of others, and common sense.

Dawson, a year-old man who learned to read when he was 98, shares his life story and his "insights into humanity, history, America, Richard Glaubman is an elementary school teacher.On the C-SPAN Networks: Richard Glaubman is a Co-Author with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a Forum.

Appearances by Title: Life Is So Good. George Dawson (January 19, – July 5, ) was called "America's favorite poster child for literacy" after learning to read at the age of His life story, Life Is So Good, was published in From Dawson's eloquent words, co-writer Glaubman, a Seattle elementary school teacher, has fashioned two engrossing stories.

Richard Glaubman

First is the inspiring saga of how someone who was the grandson of a slave managed to navigate the brutally segregated small Texas town of Marshall, where Dawson was born, without losing his integrity or enjoyment of life. Life is good, just the way it is"). Richard Glaubman captures George Dawson's irresistible voice and view of the world, offering insights into humanity, history, and Americaeyewitness impressions of segregation, changes in human relations, the wars and the presidents, inventions such as the car and the airplane, and much, much more.5/5(8).

George Dawson (author)

After reading an article about George Dawson, a year-old man just learning to read and write, Glaubman began making regular visits to Mr. Dawson. The resulting collaboration led to the book, Life Is So Good, published by Random House. Life Is so Good by Richard Glaubman George Dawson available in on, also read synopsis and reviews.

George Dawson was born the grandson of a .

Life is so good richard glaubman
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