Marketing strategies of banglalion

Both the above stated goals can only be achieved through accomplishing the highest number of service users with in the country alongside a widely spread network that must cater each and every region of Bangladesh.

Analysis of the external environment enables an organization to realize its potential threats and opportunities. Effective pricing strategy is a feature that every telecom company desperately requires and especially the one who is operating in the region of Asia, as market segment of this particular region is price sensitive.

At this point in time the Grameenphone has captured the 55 percent of the Bangladeshi cellular market that makes Banglalink a challenger in the telecom sector. Place Banglalink is currently operating in 64 districts of the country where they are making their presence felt through franchises.

Huge financial base of Banglalink enables it to extend its operations at will together with pursuing new and innovative strategies. Being the first one to provide the facility of free incoming calls to the cellular users, Banglalink enjoys the reputation of a trend setter within the telecom entourage of Bangladesh.

Proper statistical analysis using the modernized and up to date statistical tools is being used by the company. Customer Care department of Banglalink is rated as amongst the most efficient in he business, always ready to help the customers and answer their queries regarding the service on time.

marketing strategy

On the other hand internal environment focuses upon highlighting the major strengths and weaknesses of an organization. The diversification of products by the company is done through spreading their extensive network of services to the countries with emerging economies and emphasize upon promoting the cellular era through out the Asia.

Strengths The prime strength that can also be perceived as a competitive advantage of Banglalink is their current market share in the telecom industry i.

The company data is properly checked and balance sheets and financial statements are periodically made. Target segments of Banglalink Target segments of Banglalink are lately every section of the society that possesses a need for availing the cellular services, but the segment should also have the buying power to afford that particular service.

Reputed for its effective price setting strategy, the telecom giant enjoys an extensive network of coverage throughout the Bangladesh. Secondly the company under which they are operating is the Egyptian telecom giant Orascom, so when they first invaded the market in their prospect customers were having a positive image regarding the reliability and quality of the service.

Main Strategies Market penetration is done on the account of age, gender and sex of particular market segment.

Banglalink Marketing Plan

So by following the trend Banglalink serves its customers with new and attractive pre-paid alongside post-paid packages. Prior to the introduction of free incoming facility every telecom company used to charge even on receiving the calls with in the territory of Bangladesh.

Regarding the market development strategies the company maintains a special department for this particular purpose where they formulate different strategies in accordance with the changing trends and increasing competition.Banglalion Communication Ltd, Bangladesh Maruf Ahamed 1Customer Service Executive, Banglalion Communication Limited, Khulna, The culture of a company often influences its marketing messages and strategies.

Job satisfaction or employee satisfaction has been defined in. Target-Market Strategy Linda Marshall Grand Canyon University Marketing Environment AMP- Jason Thomas Target-Market Strategy Have you ever had a child that was really struggling to write, He or she had terrible holding the pencil and could not figure out how to write the letters or words.

Some information on sales. distributions and marketing strategies are prohibited to publish and pretty much tough to collect. This study gave us the opportunity to work as a team.

This kind of works are solely dependent on real world works. Marketing Strategy of Banglalion Wimax Ltd MARKETING STRATEGY OF BANGLALION WIMAX LTD.

Submitted to: Saadia Shabnam Senior Lecturer Department of Business Administration East. ´╗┐MARKETING STRATEGY OF BANGLALION WIMAX LTD.

Saadia Shabnam Lecturer Department of Business Administration. East West University Subject: Submission of the Term Paper. Dear Madam, With due to respect it is our pleasure to present the term. ´╗┐MARKETING STRATEGY OF BANGLALION WIMAX LTD. . Saadia Shabnam Lecturer Department of Business Administration.

Saadia Shabnam Lecturer Department of Business Administration. East West University Subject: Submission of the Term Paper.

Marketing strategies of banglalion
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