My personal goals for 2015

Each year, I write up 12 questions to help reflect on the year past and to get ready to start anew. Have you set your goals? Perfection in the reason it took me so long to initially launch this blog. In what ways did you grow and evolve? The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.

Good progress but still more to do. Being compassionate and making an effort to understand the other side goes a long way. The most difficult thing is removing the veil of perfection in one area of your life only to find it pop up in another.

What steps are you going to take to achieve this? If so, how are you going to be a good parent? This is why we start the process of setting goals by looking at your lifetime goals.

Write them down; you may be surprised about what kind of year you really had. Then consider trimming again so that you have a small number of really significant goals that you can focus on. I trial 2 video blog posts by December Result: Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement 4 What and who are you most grateful for right now?

Finally, review your plans, and make sure that they fit the way in which you want to live your life. When I started practicing yoga, I had no control over my body at all. Firstly, publicly sharing my personal goals will put powerful motivation and pressure on me to reach them Secondly, sharing my goals on my blog is another way for me to be accountable, open and transparent with you in my quest to redesign my existence.

We need to make space for the new and for the good — because sometimes the old stuff gets in the way. Myself and 6 of my best friends tore it up for 2 nights in Munich. Life is a long series of necessary interactions with people. Yeah, doing a handstand is fun, but the learning you undergo to master a handstand, both physically and mentally, is way more fun.

What good do they do the rest of humanity? What will you do to ensure you bring more positive emotions and moments to your day?

Positivity has been proven to increase your potential for success and well-being. Further, these types of goals can be selfish, again not all the time, but they can be. The food, drink and music were all out of this world and a smaller number of our guests stayed down in the venue for a second day and night — just to keep the party going!

How many times have you actually feared going to a yoga class because you felt your own practice is inadequate? Read here for some ideas. The science says we need a daily diet of positive emotions — especially when the going gets tough.

After all, would you set out on a major journey with no real idea of your destination? These were the two busiest months of my life, and were taken over with wedding preparation and honeymooning.

I am happily married by April My wedding venue. But what usually happens? I create an amazing auto responder email journey for new subscribers to my blog by December Result: Practice gratitude daily because it sparks positive emotions and habits you can cultivate to bolster your success and well-being.

People who continually develop themselves and are open to learning are more apt to feel engaged, inspired and energized which can help them accomplish more. Well… for many, not a lot. Inspiration can come from people, events, ideas, or more. Crafting a personal mission statement can help bring your most important goals into sharp focus.

Then, we work down to the things that you can do in, say, the next five years, then next year, next month, next week, and today, to start moving towards them.Besides setting personal and family goals, I also like to set goals for my blog – and I thought my readers may be interested to know what these are.

What You Will See in Over the past year – besides writing dozens upon dozens of articles and publishing several ebooks – I have worked very hard to create a community online, and now my.

Further, these types of goals can be selfish, again not all the time, but they can be. If you have a goal for to cure cancer in 50 people, there is nothing wrong with that.

Also, I hate to turn my personal goal sheet into a drawn-out philosophical talk, but, material goals are also selfish goals, fast cars, fancy watches, and all other.

Setting Goals for 2015: Inspirational Prompts + My Personal Note to You

Welcome to my monthly goals report, where I share with you the progress I’ve made over the last number of weeks towards kicking the ass of my personal goals for This report is actually going to cover March and April because sadly I didn’t get to write a report for March.

Why, you ask. I don’t think creating complicated goals serves any purpose, and generally the more complicated the goal then the less likely you’ll reach. What are your personal and career goals for ?

My Goals For 2015

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have always found that when I say something I plan to do out LOUD, declare my intentions that they become more tangible and become one step closer to becoming a reality.

So HERE, to you, I state my 10 PERSONAL GOALS for 1. HOST 3 SHOWS OF MY ART – in at least Read More MY PERSONAL GOALS .

My personal goals for 2015
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