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Alaya Dawn Johnson suggested the Johnson Test, which applies the same principles as the Bechdel Test but with people of colour talking to one another about something s other than white people. I want women as enemies, too. You have only to look at the power of the bromance to see how much people — and not just men — love male friendship.

But when the default is white straight males — when there is a default at all — there is a big problem. I want women saving one another. There is nothing lesser about a serious friendship. I want women grappling to understand each other across privilege and cultural gulfs.

Where are we going? But where the fuck are my sromances? Rose Lemberg recently wrote a fantastic essay about the need for a greater diversity in the representation of women, and I think one of the biggest problems we face with female representation is the Smurfette Principle.

I want women helping each other to survive in the direst of situations. Wandering into the Dream of a Thousand Springs installation, the viewer is submerged in a floating, dream-inspired world. These connections join personal and historic events, and provide the means to reclaim both a displaced portion of family history, as well as lost cultural history.

Our female friendships can be among the most important relationships in our lives. Where are the women who mourn the loss of a friendship?

Generally speaking, romantic relationships with men. It is one of the major reasons I re-watch the Sherlock movies — their bromance is the best crack ever.

Where are the women who mess each other about but, at the end of the day, are absolutely devoted to each other? It should be normal. Where did we come from?

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No one should have to scour every crevice of every novel to find people like them in relationships like theirs. They too should appear in greater numbers in SFF, with friendships and other important relationships with characters other than the white cissexual people.

I have fucked up a friendship, very badly. I want women bonding over fibre crafts and sport and science and children and war and travel and stand-up comedy and books and internet memes and everything else that women bond over in real life. You have The Girl.

So you define her by major Girl tropes, rather than writing about individual women. Men talking to each other about guns and heating bills and the weather and all the things real people talk about. And, no, of course every story does not have the space for nushu secret writing alex type of person.

They have The Girl in a sea of dudes. It was a lost language shrouded in secrecy for almost a thousand years, but accidentally discovered during the early days of the Cultural Revolution.

SFF also gives us the opportunity to examine that in careful, nuanced detail. I firmly believe that the only reason it becomes gendered is societal. I have done that second scenario. I want women forging alliances. I want, as Rose does, for SFF to treat women as it does men: And what you also get, when you have multiple women, is friendship between women.

SFF gives us the opportunity to go beyond that! Further exploring the art-making process of the finalists for the prestigious Foster Prize six of whom are past MCC fellowswe welcome Fred H.

These things exist in the real world. And I want those women to have all sorts of relationships — including all sorts of friendships with other women. No no no no no. It is normal, in the real world.Oscar-winning composer Tan Dun has brought his new concerto, called "Nushu: the Secret Songs of Women", to the Shanghai International Arts Festival.

After five years of research, Tan Dun has return. by Alex Billington; “old sames” – bound together for eternity.

Isolated by their families, they furtively communicate by taking turns writing in a secret language, nu shu, between the folds of a white silk fan. But the sworn sisters continue to communicate through the secret Chinese language of “nushu,” hiding. Nushu script. Nushu is a writing system used exclusively by women in a remote part of China.

Since women were forbidden education in traditional Chinese culture, women developed in secrecy their own form of writing. Nushu — A Secret Language (Nushu – Một ngôn ngữ bí mật) Penguins' anti-ice trick revealed (Thủ thuật chống đóng băng của chim cánh cụt đã được tiết lộ) Prairie Dog.

The “Baybayin writing system†also commonly known as the “Alibata†was an old script structure used by these ancient Philippine settlers long. Nushu — A Secret Language (Nushu – Một ngôn ngữ bí mật) Penguins' anti-ice trick revealed (Thủ thuật chống đóng băng của chim cánh cụt đã được tiết lộ) Other writing tips.

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Nushu secret writing alex
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