Powerade target market segmentation

To achieve this, certain changes have been made to their core strategies. This is why you are seeing new beverage flavors, new snacking products, and even an elimination of brominated vegetable oil as an ingredient.

Betweenthe brand saw a reduction of revenues, but PepsiCo has adapted and evolved thanks to a focus on more than just one generic hydration product. Although Gatorade has a high sugar content, it is also a tool that can help to relieve thirst in malnourished populations rather effectively.

This ultimately means that everyone fits into the Gatorade demographics in some way. The large demand for its taste and the trend toward healthier lifestyle influenced Coca Cola to produce healthier products Powerade target market segmentation as Coca Cola Zero, Diet Coca Cola, and etc.

It targets parents that want their children to drink healthier drinks. SinceGatorade has been looking to expand its audience. Coca Cola has more than different products line, total of 3, product mix.

The products are sold to diverse population all around the world. Volume has increased steadily sincewith nearly 1 billion gallons of Gatorade consumed annually. Researchers at UC-Berkeley believe that sports drinks contribute to obesity issues just like sweetened carbonated beverages do.

Vending machines carry Gatorade products as an alternative to sodas and juices that may contain more calories, appealing to those who are diet-orientated.

Tweet on Twitter Created in at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gatorade has grown steadily over the decades and is now considered to be the fourth largest brand for PepsiCo.

Free Gatorade is often given out to refugees. If you watch professional sports, if you do anything that is fitness related, or even if you just walk around with a pedometer to count your steps, Gatorade has a product that they can market to you.

Demographic segmentation -Age- years old and 40 plus. Drinking Gatorade is a personal decision. They will try to show their status by drinking Coca-Cola.

It was first tested that year during football practices and games and is now something that many athletes around the world consume. It is look to solve specific needs for specific groups of people. The product is available in different flavors berry, lemon, and orange tangerine.

In both instances, gender does not play a role. In our world today, people want to live healthier lives. For people who are not exercising for at least one hour, 5 days per week, water is the best bet for staying hydrated.

Geographic segmentation Coca Cola has drinks that targets different age groups, ethnic groups, sexes, lifestyles, etc. The bottle contains 32 ounces, so drinking the whole bottle means consuming 56 grams of sugar.

The level of education is another factor that the company is paying attention to. As for the G Series Pro products, the core target is the year old athlete. It also focuses in hot area in the world. What About The Professional Athlete? It develops a marketing mix for each of the segments. In an high percentage education, the company can use advertisements to convey the company massage.

What Is the Target Market Profile of Gatorade?

Coca Cola uses "Multisegment" targeting strategy which means that the company has more than single, well- defined, market segment.Nov 20,  · Ch. 8 - Segmenting and Targeting Markets Coca Cola Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of soft beverages.

Coca Cola uses "Multisegment" targeting strategy which means that the company has more than single, well- defined, market segment. Through market research, we have discovered two key findings about this target market that will shape a new marketing strategy for POWERade.

Our first key finding addresses what factors are important when choosing between sports drinks. Increase overall market share by 5% within one year using our target markets. Increase brand awareness within target markets by 25% within one year.

To be the affordable, healthy, and best tasting drink alternative of the future by targeting today's youth with continued presence in the youth community and lifestyle.

16 Refreshing Gatorade Demographics

POWERade offers the best tasting sports drink and a wide range of flavors without sacrificing content. a low-calorie alternative to POWERade. and thus these groups comprise the target market. Positioning. Gatorade was the first of its kind in the market and had no competition for years, until Powerade came to the forefront in Gatorade did not begin as a consumer product, it was developed specifically as a recovery drink for college athletes.

Whether you are a core target customer of this brand or you’re just a general sub-segment that receives some basic marketing efforts, the sodium and electrolytes that Gatorade contains can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Powerade target market segmentation
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