Prize giving day

Since inception, we have employed up to staff members and we currently employ 32 people. We have extended the business to the whole country, the continent and are working on an expansion plan to the USA.

Prize Giving Day

The alarm should just be a facilitator. I am 32 years old, married and a father of one girl whom we named Janice.

Ipolito and the other members of the social committee for the great effort in organizing this event. Those who received prizes wore beautiful garlands. I took them through the memories of how far they had to run after me each time I went to hospital and was informed that I needed to be prepared for an injection, I would actually be caught at the gate running.

Usenio, led the singing. Remember that Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world. I graduated in with an A- 77 points. A further extra-curricular and vital role of school for the year was reaching out to parents and the wider community in the local area as well as supporting the many charities throughout the year.

We had to excel and we excelled in Academics, Sports, music festivals and all co-curriculum activities. Sakiusa Sing, who thanked everyone for the great work and effort made to make this year a memorable one for all.

That decision was the most critical decision we ever made with our lives to date. The cantors, under the guidance of Mr. She also acknowledged the support and co-operation Prize giving day the Omagh Academy and South West College staff in the collaborative links.

In the same year, inI went ahead to register Tangazoletu Limited, the business I run to date as we develop Computer software, Mobile financial solutions Prize giving day other ICT solutions.

The prize giving ceremony was held straight after the Mass. I later on graduated in with first class honors. To see more photos please visit the Gallery section of the website. Merit and excellence There are 3 kinds of people….

Leonard and the other students who won the subject prizes and the form prizes received gifts and certificates. The prizes were for: It is a great honor and I am greatly humbled to be selected for this great role; a role that I accept with humility and joy.

The importance of competitive and recreational sporting activities for the balanced development of all pupils was also highlighted including football, hockey, rugby netball and athletics.

Then we had lunch, which we all enjoyed as it was delicious and specially prepared by our wonderful cooks and the lomanibai members. Mrs Elkin explained how the outstanding results provide the hard working pupils with a solid foundation to proceed with confidence to further their studies at A level and wished those students who have chosen to follow an alternative career path every future success and happiness.

I was also involved with extracurricular activities; I played rugby as a hooker in form 3 and 4. This is testament that time has changed and when time changes; you must change with the time. Fr Fabiano Dakai, who is leaving us at the end of the year to undertake a new responsibility as the Regional Superior for the Marist Fathers in Fiji.

It does not matter where you are coming from, what matters is knowing where you are and where you want to go. In this mass, we also gave thanks to the Lord for his many blessings this year. This collaboration provides the broad and balanced curriculum necessary to deliver the entitlement framework.

Today it gives me great pleasure to have this chance to preside over the prize giving event for this prestigious institution.

Our prefects were also given certificates for their service to the school. The day ended with a speech from the Principal, Mr. After lunch there was a social gathering where the students, teachers parents danced and had fun.

The main celebrant was the school manager, Rev. I joined Strathmore University and currently studying an Executive course for entrepreneurs known as Owner Manager Program. I am still a student. Today, we continue to make that same decision with our lives every day.

After the prize giving ceremony, the form 5 boarder boys entertained the community with a skit called "The seven ways of dying" and a modern Fijian dance.A prize-giving is a ceremony where prizes are awarded to people who have produced a very high standard of work.

[ British ] Neil had been at a prizegiving ceremony at a school in Birmingham. Today it gives me great pleasure to have this chance to preside over the prize giving event for this prestigious institution.

2018 Speech & Prize Giving Day

It is a great honor and I am greatly humbled to be selected for this great role; a role that I accept with humility and joy. For the first time this year we are sending a handful of our students to the World Youth Day taking place in Madrid Spain.

Prize Giving Day 2017

We also spent time and effort in providing staff the adequate on-the-job training. It was the day when Brendan went up the school stage to receive a Certificate and Prize for achieving the 1st position in class, for good academic performance in.

 Giving a Speech I knew this day would come sooner or later. A month ago I saw the nicely printed black letters that spelled “Speech” on my class schedule and a feeling of anxiety overcame me.

My stomach felt as if I ate some bad leftovers and my heart was ready to come out of. Prize Giving Platform Party Guest speaker on the day was past pupil, Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell.

His wife Jacqueline, who was a former Head Girl, presented the prizes.

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Prize giving day
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