Quiz 2 notes

He thinks they will enjoy the story more if he shows that he is interested in their opinions He needs to pretend to himself that he has a reason for organizing the notes and improving the writing style He is hoping they will give him money He wants to publicly humiliate them by refuting their arguments with perfect logic and wit.

Why does the Underground Man refuse to go to a doctor about his liver problem? He wants to prove that he loves her He wants to make Apollon jealous He wants to reassert his power over her He overpaid her earlier and is entitled to a free session Why does the Underground Man think that active men stop pursuing their goals once they hit a wall?

Why did the Underground Man spend a lot of his time reading when he was a young man? She has forgotten her handbag He wants to have the last word and insult her He wants to make sure she gets home safely He is moved by her dignity and wants to ask her forgiveness He had a bad attitude and never got promoted He quit a more prestigious job because it reminded him too much of his negative experience at school His health problems prevented Quiz 2 notes from doing any strenuous work He was not particularly talented in any area He is thinking about chaos theory He is irritated with the importance of reason in society He hates mathematics with a passion He never learned mathematics in school He wants to gain their respect He wants to poison their champagne He is hoping he will get to spend time with Olympia at the brothel He wants a free dinner because he is low on money His job required that he be familiar with literature He was bored out of his mind He needed distraction from his inner torment, and reading was the only external stimuli he could bear He wanted to learn how to improve society They are too stupid to think of a way around the wall They have confidence in facts, and it is a fact that one cannot go through a wall Something near the wall distracts them They run into the wall and end up in the hospital Why does the Underground Man claim to address his audience in his Notes from Underground?

He invites the men out for drinks at his expense He writes an apology to Simonov and pays him back the money he owes He writes an article in praise of Zverkov in the paper He pays for the men to visit prostitutes Why did the Underground Man retire from his job in civil service?

Why does the Underground Man sleep with Liza at his apartment? He feels that he must encounter reality He wants to spend time with Olympia He wants to repay money he borrowed from Simonov He has already paid for the coach Why does the Underground Man follow the other men to the brothel, despite all of the reasons to turn back?

Why does the Underground Man run into the street after Liza when she leaves his apartment? He cannot afford to pay a doctor He believes it is his fate to die from liver disease He knows the problem is not very serious He resents the fact that the doctor is the only person who can help him, and refuses to go out of spite Why does the Underground Man insist on going to dinner with Simonov and his friends?Notes from Underground quiz that tests what you know.

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Practice Quiz #2

Interrupt a speaker. 2. Don’t give eye contact.

3. Distracted easily. 4. Not interested in a speaker.

Notes on the Treble Clef Quiz

What is a population? The population is a particular group of individuals or elements (such as a group of people with Type II Diabetes) who are the focus of the research.

What is a sample? The sample defines the selected group of people (or elements). Authors Wanted. If you or someone you know would like to author some of the tutorials, please let me know by sending a message to me via the feedback mint-body.com author a tutorial or quiz.

Quiz 2 notes
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