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How serious is the drug problem in the tested population? In general, a stream of orders keep coming in, revenue increases and the company grows in the aggregate. Examples of random searches include the use of metal detectors in school entrances and sweeps of parking lots and lockers.

A sound policy can make the difference between a legal or illegal search. Thank you for great assistance! If a student consents to the search of her purse, for example, an administrator may not search her locker unless the search of the purse provides probable cause or reasonable suspicion to search the locker.

Such a relationship could change the standard necessary to conduct a student search. Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana or drug paraphernalia were the most common finds, but dogs also alerted to fireworks and a toy cap gun among other items banned from school property.

The most common need articulated by schools is the prevention of drug abuse. Thank you very much. I have been studying at university and having a conflict with a teacher who thought of me as a lazy weirdo. Good luck to you The dogs, which are trained to find drugs, alcohol, gun powder-based products, tobacco and medications, also are used locally in Grandville, Forest Hills, East Kentwood and Byron Center schools among 46 districts across the state.

Maybe a gun-shaped Pop-Tart or two. Document the names of the people who conducted the search; the background of the student who was searched; the alleged infraction; the way the school learned of the infraction; the basis for the search for example, how reasonable suspicion, probable cause, or consent was obtained ; the time and location of the search; the names of the people who were present at the search; and the school policies that were implicated and followed.

Records obtained by MLive and the Grand Rapids Press under the Freedom of Information Act show the findings by dogs at area schools are relatively low compared to overall student population, but educators believe the more vigilant they are, the better for students.

United States, U. Really scary stuff, like hunting gear, pocketknives, fire crackers, prescription medication. And, yet, school searches of lockers often lack probable cause.

Schools must protect against the use of lockers in serious crimes. Enter the periodical title within the "Get Permission" search field.

To translate this article, contact permissions ascd. Other courts hold that school officials conducting a search on the basis of information from the school resource officer are acting as agents of the police and are, therefore, subject to the higher standard of probable cause State of New Hampshire v.

In this case, all but one student consented to a search of their personal belongings. Reasonable suspicion is satisfied when two conditions exist: Unfortunately, no definitive test exists for determining what constitutes a legal search. Despite the lack of clarity about whether to apply reasonable suspicion or probable cause in different situations, courts are more willing now than ever to find student searches legal to preserve safety.

Individual Versus Random Searches School officials conduct individual searches when they suspect that a student or a small group of students possesses evidence of a violation of the law or school rules. Constitution guarantees "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

This case changed practices in many school districts—those schools no longer use the dogs to sniff around students. On the other hand, the possibility of a search means that students will think twice before bringing things in to school.

The Court has even noted that articulating precisely what reasonable suspicion means. I like your company. Perhaps the most controversial random search is the use of drug-sniffing dogs in schools. State of New Hampshire v. Students should not to be considered criminal suspects without probable cause.

I had a task to write an essay about the chemical industry in my region, but I knew absolutely nothing about it. Penn-Harris Madison School Corporation upheld a drug testing program for students who drive to school or engage in extracurricular activities. Uffe This service is recommended for everyone!

The Right to Search Students

Mary I am so grateful to this company! In fact, an administrator will not incur civil liability unless his or her conduct violates clearly established statutory or constitutional rights Harlow v.

The court held that when the search of all other students in the class failed to reveal the stolen item, the administrator had reasonable, individualized suspicion to search DesRoches. I came across this service browsing the Inte A report made by two students to a school official that another student possesses a gun at school constitutes reasonable suspicion to search the student and his locker In re Commonwealth v.Random searches, drug dogs, school action groups; these are just some of the ways to prevent violence in schools.

Did you know that guns and drugs have been found in school lockers of children as young as elementary school? Free essays & term papers - Random Locker Searches, Sports & Recreation.

Below is an essay on "Locker Searches" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Dear Editor, Imagine that you are walking into school when all of a sudden the principal announces that there will be a random locker search taking place for some of the students, and one of those students happens to be.

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Below is an essay on "random student locker searches" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. As a teacher my responsibilities in regard to random student locker searches without permission is to do it. As a teacher, by law one is within their rights to search any student lockers if they believe that.

mint-body.com Students at various public schools in West Michigan are subjected to random searches performed by a specialty canine unit that uncovers dangerous contraband in kids' lockers.


Random locker searche essays
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