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The Tetrarch was successful, not so much because the rulers had been advised to co-operate, but because Diocletian had been able to supervise them, exerting to the full his astonishing gifts of delegation and administration.

All this raised the size of the army from aboutto aboutmen. To sum up, one should differentiate between the conversion of pagan mausoleum into a church and the subsequent elevation of the latter to the status of a cathedral, which was a much later and contextually different event.

Diocletian, whose name before he became emperor was simply Diocles, was a Dalmatian of humble birth. His satisfaction with the arrangement led him in to raise Maximian to the rank of augustus, or coemperor.

Diocletian is perhaps most famous for the implementation of the Tetrarch and the so-called Great Persecution AD He seldom appeared in public, but when he did it was with diadem, royal purple, and robes embroidered with gold.

How they sit in unity! Relations with Christians For most of his reign Diocletian was tolerant of dissident religious sects, including the Christians.

In What Ways Was Emperor Diocletian the Renewer of the Roman Empire?

How they talk together in concord! Thus, most of these alterations could be attributed to them, in close collaboration with the Byzantine military units stationed in the palace at the time.

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Diocletian also developed the use of mounted troops and began the organization of special crack troops, the comitatenses, or friends of the emperor, to serve as an imperial bodyguard. The smaller units fostered more careful and personal administrative and judicial work by governors and promoted imperial stability, but resultant proliferation of bureaucratic machinery effected a severe strain on the economy.


Diocletian retired to the palace that he had prepared for himself in Spalato. In English, there are adequate accounts in the Cambridge Ancient History, vol. Yet, the principle of the completely developed Tetrarchic system was to present the four emperors as working together in the closest harmony and agreement.

CEU Press,p. In any case, the desperate plight of soldiers and bureaucrats, who were on a fixed salary, forced Diocletian in to issue an edict setting maximum prices for almost every conceivable article and service throughout the empire. However, during the past few decades the study of relevant textual sources, as well as the number of archaeological ones, have multiplied.

Diocletian was in general control of the East with headquarters at Nicomedia modern Izmir, Turkeybut the others also regarded him as their superior and guide.

Indeed, the coins of the period may vary from mint to mint, but it was only the inscription that indicated the ruler, not the features of the individual, as each were given identical facial characteristics.

Some other issues have also never received explanation. In the panegyric speech praise of the emperor Maximian AD the Gallic orator Mamertinus imagines the crowd exclaiming as they saw the emperors Diocletian and Maximian together: It appears, though the details are obscure, that this reform sent prices skyrocketing, probably because much of the old coinage was still in circulation and was now suspect.

Schoolman, [Series Medievalia, vol. Let us know if you need any revisions and we will do it for you. Diocletian instituted a complete currency reform, and a uniform currency for the whole empire was devised. On May 1,therefore, he abdicated at Nicomedia, and by prearrangement Maximian performed the same act simultaneously at Milan.Research paper on diocletion - Writing an Academic Custom Research paper on book review get essay on our huge library.

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The Roman empire regained order and stability through its powerful emperor Diocletian. He made a set of reforms to stabilize the empire. He knew that if he did not do so, the empire would eventually fall. One of the first notable things Diocletian decided to do to stabilize the empire was to /5(3).

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Research paper on diocletion
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