Sport obermeyer ltd by janice h hammond ananth raman

This postponement of the final mix has benefits similar to those of postponing product customization until the distribution center. This is the type of forecasting relevant to the Obermeyer case. The effect is that variations are amplified as one moves upstream in the supply chain further from the customer.

Our first meeting was Tuesday November 3rd, This order will consist of the quantities produced from the data attained through a weighted average method as identified above. The Hong Kong manufacturer also provides higher quality and quicker production times, but at a higher price.

Since the oscillating demand magnification upstream a supply chain reminds someone of a cracking whip it became famous as the Bullwhip Effect. Reactive Order The second lot should be ordered closer to the selling season, approximately six months, and should also be 10, units.

Being unable to order sufficient quantities during critical summer months reduced the supply for ongoing demanded volume, to be produced after it has received retail orders. The case allows students to understand how such a model is developed within an organization and to evaluate the models presented.

First introduced were computerized systems to slash time in processing orders and computing raw-material requirements. The case contains tables showing the output of the regression model, and compares the fit of the moving average and regression models.

Operational changes that reduce the cost of mismatched supply and demand? The case describes several models that could be used to forecast guest arrivals, including a moving average technique and a multiple regression model.

Although the company has a global supply network, most of its outerwear products are channeled through Obersport. Wally Obermeyer reflects the results from the buying committee meeting that is held in November, annually. No methods were required In genereal this group functioned very well together.

Sport Obermeyer Ltd. Case Solution & Answer

Today, more than ever, we are designing garments that are pushing the boundaries of outerwear technologies. Although, it would be much less expensive to order through China, given the short time line for this second order it is essential to use Hong Kong.

Sport Obermeyer forecasts an annual demand for its product and as a result supply channel partners need to undergo change to develop and deliver new product lines annually.

Students may work with a data file with several years of historical data or they may work with the model description and output results in the case.

We completed this project on time and did not need the assistance of any extra materials like Gannt charts or critical paths. Sport Obermeyer now follows the following strategy: Properly align current supply chain sources subject to supply channels in Hong Kong and Greater China.

This order will be made through China, considering that they are less expensive and need more time for production. A good formula to use in order to accomplish this is? Everyone contributed in a very equal and professional manor.

The staff is unionized and the company has little flexibility to change staffing levels on a short-term basis. By improving the internal forecasts by applying this forecasting model with the data used from past sales instead of a simple average made by the buying committee.

This order should be produced by Hong Kong manufacturers considering that they are faster, more efficient and more flexible. The company began with down filled jackets and slowly began to diversify its product line with high-altitude suntan lotion, turtlenecks, nylon wind-shirts, mirrored sunglasses and more.

Processes and Strategies A ski jacket being distributed in the U. Hammond and Aldo Sesia This case describes the introduction of a regression analysis model for forecasting guest arrivals to Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Production planning for short-life-cycle fashion products? The company will use the forecast to staff the front desk in the hotel. This joint venture allowed Obermeyer to manage supply and production operations in Hong Kong and China.

Sport Obermeyer Ltd. Case Solution

The Vegas fashion show should offer a better prediction of popular trends in the season. Implement operational changes that will improve overall performance. We then devolved a work break-down schedule to split up certain tasks to individuals in the group.Sport Obermeyer Ltd.

Case Solution,Sport Obermeyer Ltd. Case Analysis, Sport Obermeyer Ltd. Case Study Solution, The case describes the operations to design clothing for skiers and merchandising company and its supply partner. Represents the production planning for sh.

REV: AUGUST 15, JANICE H. HAMMOND ANANTH RAMAN Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. Aspen, Colorado Wally Obermeyer deftly balanced his office keys and. Sport Obermeyer is a high-end fashion skiwear design and merchandising company with its headquarters located in Aspen, Colorado.

The company specializes in. The case describes operations for design and marketing of ski apparel company and its partner offer. Planning this production for products with short life cycle, with uncertain demand and allows students to analyze a reduced version of the problem of production planning of the company.

Janice H. Hammond

Aug 28,  · The goal of forecasting is not to predict the future but to tell you what you need to know to take meaningful action in the present. Sport Obermeyer Ltd.

Sport Obermeyer Case

by Janice H. Hammond, Ananth Raman Barilla SpA (A) by Janice H. Hammond ExtendSim (R) Simulation Exercises in Process Analysis (A) by Roy D. Shapiro.

Sport obermeyer ltd by janice h hammond ananth raman
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