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Again, Thank you for stopping by. The houses in which the poet grew up, according to his essay in Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, were always near the edge of town, beyond which there was "adventure, fields forever, or rivers that wended off over the horizon, forever.

It has now become possible to argue, with full substantiation, not only that Stafford is or used to be frequently uneven but also—what we have guessed for some time—that he is one of the best poets we have.

The values by which that lost world existed, however, remain possible; they are indeed a desperately prescribed remedy in the face of perils which Stafford sees on every side.

I am following a process that leads so wildly and originally into new territory that no judgment can at the moment be made about values, significance, and so on He offers a unique way into the heart of the world.

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He has been training himself to hear and feel his way back in touch with distant places, ages, epochs. Singled out as an example of moral directive is the much-anthologized poem " Traveling through the Dark.

About the book, Stafford, who has also taught writing for thirty years, comments in Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, "My disquiets—my pacifist disquiets, I guess—about teaching and writing by competitive methods are in that book.

And in the center of town was a library, another kind of edge out there forever, to explore.

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The poems shape themselves, discover their right images and perception and then end, like songs improvised by a sad, gallantly restrained folk-singer. The irony of that combination is also peculiarly his own. In his Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series essay, Stafford claims that during those hours "something is offering you a guidance available only to those undistracted by anything else.

Murray comments in a National Forum review, "Stafford generally has been appreciated as a plain talking but remarkably effective and influential American poet, one who has paradoxically fashioned a part of the mainstream of American poetry by keeping apart from its trends and politics.

Reviewers often mention a general friendliness in the poems expressed in a conversational tone.

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Products used by every box plant can be found in our product line. As Stafford told Lofsness, "Many writers, artists, and intellectuals, of all kinds, are victims of people around them A Vision and Values Statement was our first offering, which was overwhelmingly approved and supported by all.

Lensing and Moran observe that Stafford gained his view of nature, and with it, his most pervasive theme, from his father. Forest Service left him with little energy for writing or studying at night, so Stafford and the other writers in the camp rose before dawn and wrote until they were called for breakfast.

Family and friends of youth have departed; the Indian civilizations of the past are reduced to captive feebleness.

Through the poems in A Glass Face in the Rain, he "reaches out to the reader with a hand of trust and tenderness, time and again, in images that make small gestures large-hearted and full of importance," notes James Finn Cotter in America.

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This new website with its shopping feature is just another step towards offering our customers yet another tool to allow fast and convenient ordering. This life is presented, say Lensing and Moran, as "a richly attractive alternative to contemporary society" that is plagued by "threats of nuclear war," a "ravaging" industrialism, and "a mechanical existence that divorces the individual from authentic human values.North Stafford in American Libraries Stafford County Public Schools is pleased to announce that the North Stafford High School library is one of seventeen libraries showcased in the American Libraries magazine.

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Stafford, Connecticut news from the Reminder Media Group. Welcome to the Official Website of the Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

Stafford County would like to express our commitment to providing a welcoming, inclusive, and safe community for all residents and visitors.

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