Strategic marketing plan for tata bp

While TSMG takes care of positioning and branding, the techno-feasibility aspects — including layout plans and the architecture of the facility — are managed by TECS.

A world to win Several of these experiences opened new vistas, enabling TSMG to move out of its comfortable home turf into non-Tata companies. The second is financial research, which includes work on valuation, equity, fixed income, etc.

Today, it is spread over several industries, and has clients from all over India and around the world. It has three offerings for these markets.

Marketing Strategy

With TSMG, on the other hand, each project created a kind of symbiosis; the client got a consulting company that would willingly be a partner in implementation, while TSMG gained learnings that were much richer than their western counterparts could gather.

Consulting is a cyclical business linked to overall economic conditions. The Strategic marketing plan for tata bp Strategic Management Group TSMG advises clients in the areas of strategy formulation, strategy deployment, performance improvement and business analytics.

As against a McKinsey or a Deloitte, clients were happy to work with a company that delivered quality, was available through the planning and deployment stages of the project, and was affordable too.

TSMG put in an extra effort to carve out a foothold and prove its mettle. Of course, being an Indian company with Tata values had its advantages too. Bobby Pauly, an engagement manager at TSMG, explains, "Indian clients soon discovered the comfort of working with a group of consultants that had a more aligned view of their culture, markets and people, and an ability to relate to them.

A cutting-edge exercise, it appears as one of the best practices of customer understanding, and has been applied in dozens of their global companies. At present, non-Tata business is over 50 per cent and is expected to grow to 60 or 70 per cent by the end of the next fiscal.

Strategies that succeed

Interesting problems, innovative solutions TSMG has undertaken several consulting projects for some of the best names in business.

A space of its own As the only Indian-owned management consulting firm of stature, TSMG has created a niche for itself, and enjoys a unique positioning. Bhinge is quietly confident, "The risks are there, but we have been able to mitigate them by offering a broad range of solutions to customers, adding new offerings in business analytics, and growing in the international space.

TSMG offered actionable solutions, rather than giving them a western view of the world. BT was looking at global customers, to try and understand their data networking needs. To give its service a clear advantage, TSMG has focused on building expert teams. Though the goodwill enjoyed by the Tata brand did provide the right credentials and helped the company establish its roots, the real challenge has been finding clients outside the group.

Third is statistical optimisation or analytical solutions, which comprises risk modelling and predictive modelling, like fraud in telecom or risk analysis in insurance.

With its new business model and internationalisation plans well on track, TSMG has expanded its core competencies and is moving into completely new areas of operation. But TSMG did find a way out, by moving into sectors where the group was not represented. Their plant in Norway had reached its full capacity and they were looking for a new international manufacturing hub in India or China.Strategic Marketing Plan for Tata Bp Solar (4 Pages | Words) Table of Contents.


Introduction 2 Company Overview2 Company Mission2. International Strategic Issue Of Tata Motors Marketing Essay. Nottingham Business School. CIISM (BUSI ) assignment. Critical analysis of the international strategic issue of Tata Motors Ltd.

to set up a dealer network in entering the South African market. Strategies that succeed. The Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG) advises clients in the areas of strategy formulation, strategy deployment, performance improvement and business analytics.

Strategic Marketing Plan for Tata Bp Solar

it prepared the business plan for the group's entry into consumer electronics retailing, provided JV negotiation and implementation. A detailed marketing plan is essential for each business, product or brand.

The plan begins with an executive summary, which quickly overviews major assessments, goals and recommendations. Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world. Strategic Marketing Plan for Tata Bp Solar The Tata Nano: The People’s Car (A) and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Nucor’s Strategy in the Steel Industry BUS Buy products related to marketing strategy products and see what customers say about marketing strategy products on FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Strategic Marketing Management, 8th Edition I've used this plan to help develop my small business marketing plan and I have to say, it is an excellent way to .

Strategic marketing plan for tata bp
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