Superyacht business plan

Some can be chartered rented for sums of up to 1 million Euro per week. We have a lot of exciting superyacht business plan ahead but hard work has never made us afraid to do anything before. The accommodation on this type of yacht is typically as follows: I realised that a true agency service is a good starting point but is not the end of the project, so we decided to build a company with two different business streams: For this reason, we cast our net wider than offspring to find potential future executives and shareholders as there is a good possibility that either our children are not interested or not qualified enough, so we need to be prepared to potentially look at other family members to sell our shares to.

In this series of articles, we take a step back from rushed business meetings and hurried networking and sit down with professionals from across the wide spectrum of the superyacht business to learn more about who they are and what they do for the industry. We are one of the top two companies in the world in our field, we are solid with the big contracts, we are financially stable and we have the capacity and quality.

However, we have never been a yard supplier, a supplier that a shipyard provides recurring new build business, apart from at Feadship Royal Van Lent. Talk to me about the reasons behind this decision and the significance of the decision for Acquera Yachting. Of course, the basic job cannot be different: As of there were about 10, luxury yachts, worldwide, over 24 metres in length.

We also want to find out what they are the best at so we can also learn from them.

Superyacht Marketing Agency

There is a lot of boats that have pushed their refits back and the market is incredibly active again and it looks like it is going to be an absolute humdinger of a season for us.

Get everything on the table even if it hurts! The logic behind the decision for Acquera Yachting is, of course, for us to grow, first in the Mediterranean and then moving outwards.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Conversely, private charterers charter yachts rather than owning them because it is generally considered to be less expensive, and less hassle, than owning a yacht and it also provides them with extra choice related to yacht type, location and crew.

There are no set hours that crew members work each week. The SuperYacht Times iQ Report Our market report is the most complete in the business and provides in-depth analysis of the fleet by size range, the construction book, the market for new and used yachts for sale and the superyacht builders, as well as a detailed overview of superyacht ownership.

As for my best advice to other companies considering succession planning, the biggest hurdle that you have to cross in a family business is that people have to talk to each other.


The crew is made up of a captain, first mate or officer, chief engineer, engineers, bosun, personal chef, crew chef, deckhands, purser, and stewards. We started with the brand which was not an easy step because we wanted to do something different.

Over the last few months, I have been talking a lot with my advisors in order to create Acquera Group, starting from an idea on a piece of paper and developing a five-year business plan.

A yacht of this size usually has four decks above the waterline and one or two below. The annual production rate was reported to be around It also gives the personal views of Merijn de Waard, company founder and long-term superyacht market analyst, on the state of the market.

With all the relationships we have here and in the other countries where we plan to open offices, we can take this to a level where we can offer owners something unique, working according to their expectations and also going beyond them.

We obviously want to monitor the reaction of the market and we have the feeling they are quite interested in us, both in the yachting and the luxury side. My background in the maritime industry started many years ago because I come from a family business in shipping.

The Acquera project will be successful if we have a united team - it is the most important thing. It is not automatic that children of shareholders will be appointed to the family boards or key positions.

However, we have been thinking about how to connect the expertise from across all of these different countries we will be working with. We need to get to know the client, what he likes and dislikes, in order to anticipate these desires and bring something unique to the table.

New Gulf Craft CEO maps out strategic plan

On the short-term wins we were not successful, but the yards have admitted that in the bigger picture they need to take on a second supplier and that there will be more activity in when we can be introduced slower with a better plan in place.

Our business plan and strategy is a document of pages, just to give you an idea, and we know that execution will come with its own set of challenges.

The plan therefore had been to plug the shortfall in the new build sector with an increase in activity in the refit sector. Naples is not an easy place but it was very important for us to launch there because it is the biggest cruising destination in the Mediterranean.

Mega-yacht Lady Moura in Monaco harbor Giga yachts is a hyperbolic term that first emerged in reference to megayachts, a. The hours depend greatly on how often the owners are on board, how often it is chartered and on what hours the captain sets when there are no guests on board.

It is also something which needs to be planned quite far ahead as it is difficult to create an amazing experience in 24 hours!

Often there are a lot of assumptions and because people have the same genetic makeup they think they understand each other. My involvement in yachting more specifically started with an operation in the early s where we were assisting yachts coming to Venice and then moved to a global field, opening an international company with our partners which I managed for 10 years.

The crew can be hired through crew agencies or various websites. Today some, but not all, key positions are still held by family members.The SuperYacht Times iQ Report. Our market report is the most complete in the business and provides in-depth analysis of the fleet by size range, the construction book, the market for new and used yachts for sale and the superyacht builders, as well as a detailed overview of superyacht ownership.

Superyacht 'PLAN A' has recently been refitted and is ready for charter. Plan A's impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her the ideal charter yacht for Produced on: A Luxury yacht (also super-yacht, large yacht and mega-yacht) is a very expensive, privately owned, professionally crewed sailing or motor yacht.

There is no industry-wide standard for the difference between super-yacht and mega-yacht. Luxury yacht charter Superyachts for sale Yacht brokers Super yacht directory Yacht builders Yacht design Naval Architects Yachting destination guides Marinas Luxury news Superyacht Toys Watches & Jewellery Cars & Aviation Gadgets & Technology Luxury Design Fashion Wine Spirits & Cigars.

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Superyacht business plan
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