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Medically, it is defined as a miscarriage or induced termination of pregnancy before twenty weeks of gestation, whenever the fetus is considered to be nonviable 3. Severe hemorrhage often follows an abortion. The fetus can also be malnourished if altered blood clotting takes place.

Human life does not begin when the baby breathes, or when its heart begins to beat, buts its life is continuous and inherited. Genetic abnormalities are one of the major causes of miscarriages.

Abortion is the knowing destruction of the life of an unborn child. And his chances to give birth to a child will be very low, in most cases, it will be impossible. There were women with above mentioned characteristics that constituted the study population.

But this is only part of the story as abortion also hurts the woman involved. Table 1 Number of respondents in different hospitals Name of hospital. Life is passed from family to family and recorded in the Bible back to the first human beings created by God, The effects of abortion on women essay and Eve.

Depression, worrying about not being able to conceive again and abnormal eating behaviors were reported as dominant psychological consequences of abortion among the respondents. Conclusions In conclusion one would like to say that making an abortion is considered to be a crime. However, the conclusion of studies do not indicate a linear relation between abortion and its consequences, rather, they show great variations in terms of socio-economic and demographic variables of abortion in care seeking women, and whether their abortion was performed legally or illegally 9.

Drug and alcohol abuse increased four times among women who aborted compared to those who carried to term. Abdominal infection can cause peritonitis and abscess formation.

On the whole, questionnaires have been completed. Study Sites General and Maternity hospitals, from different sectors public and privatein Tehran were determined as sites of data collection. Other complications are a greater risk of premature births, tubal pregnancy, sterility, and damage to the cervix.

Blood loss during the procedure causes diversion of blood flow to various organs and can result in shock.

Works Cited David C. Therefore, it is reasonable to find out that the aftermath of the abortion go for the physical and psychological conditions. Lots of them may prove abortion to be just a way to leave their problems far behind because of some reasons that may include bringing up a baby along, having no material support and etc.

However, abortion either as a miscarriage or as a criminal termination of a fetus life produces physical, social, and psychological consequences which may last for a long period of time, and affect personal, family, and social life of individuals.

These effects may include the increasing risk of getting the breath cancer, cervical cancer, uterine perforation, placenta previa, pelvic inflammatory disease that leads to the reduced fertility and lower general health David C.

The earliest records of recognized abortifacients agents which cause the premature termination of pregnancy which are presumed to have been written more than years ago are found in ancient Chinese texts.

Abortion Essay

The number of women having fibroid tumors, adhesions, or scar tissue increases more and more. They also point out that emotional problems resulting from abortion are rare and less frequent than those following childbirth Abortion is known as a main cause of maternal mortality, life threatening complications such as hemorrhage, fever, and infection on one hand, and psychological disorders such as regret, guilt, smoking, alcoholism, self-destructive behaviors, and even suicide on the other 678.If the psychological and physical side effects of abortion were taken into consideration and discussed more openly within educational institutions and through the media, women may become more informed of the potential risks they are taking.

/5(3). Abortion can emotionally affect each woman differently. Some women report a sense of relief after having an abortion. The reasons for relief also vary from woman to woman. Emotional and psychological effects following abortion are more common than physical side effects and can range from mild regret.

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Possible Physical Side Effects After Abortion

Abortion Essay. Abortion Essay. Cause and Effects of Abortion. Abortion – reasons women choose abortion. February 22, Negative effects occur only in women who were emotionally disturbed before the abortion, and were rare and less frequent in women who carried their unwanted pregnancy to term.

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Psychological Consequences of Abortion among the Post Abortion Care Seeking Women in Tehran

One of the most common effects of abortion is on women’s physical health. Whether it is a medical abortion or surgical abortion, the obvious effects are infections, serious complications and sometimes, death “Misoprostol” is an abortion pill that is used by the majority of women.

Abortion either medical or criminal has distinctive physical, social, and psychological side effects. Detecting types and frequent psychological side effects of abortion among post abortion care seeking women in Tehran was the main objective of the present study.

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The effects of abortion on women essay
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