The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay

In this article, Lobo Sosa was quoted as saying he would be talking to Parlacen officials to resolve the issue in the face of demands by right-wing political leaders in the country who consider that Micheletti should be included in the Parlacen, not Zelaya.

One is a hunger strike by judges who were fired for opposing the coup. The issue is presently being debated by members of Parlacen representing right-wing and leftist political positions within Central America, whose positions are completely predictable. Now the people want to have more dialogue and less authoritarianism, The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay want things done by consensus and not by imposition of a sector.

His nearest rival, Elvin Santos of the ruling Liberal party, conceded defeat. Zelaya, who was not on the ballot, had called for a boycott. The National Party continues with the same old policy of doing things without consulting the people.

The election date and candidates were chosen long before the coup. But critics said the election was neither free nor fair and had whitewashed the coup.

Honduras is the little country that could, to the dismay of international leftism. Once I thought that Pepe Lobo was a very skillful politician who made use of political Machiavellianism, but now I see I was wrong. But the former president, although invited to return by Lobo, has been threatened with arrest and jail if he does return.

But the Central American Parliament is considering giving him a seat at the table over his rival, new President Porfirio Lobo. The Inter Press Service reports Parlacen is struggling over which president should be granted rightful membership.

And effectively, there were two presidents of Honduras. There are already countries that have recognized president Porfirio Lobo as legitimate; unlike Micheletti, who although was legitimate under the law of Honduras, was not recognized due to a campaign mounted by Hugo Chavez, and the understandable fears of the presidents of the world.

At least seven journalists have also been killed under suspicious circumstances. Why he did this at this point is not quite clear but may be an indication that the external and internal pressure on his government is working.

We must recognize that if it were not for the heroic action of expelling Zelaya and the international pressure beared, no elections would have been held in Honduras. So why is the Christian Science Monitor so confused that it not only leads the story this way, but captions the accompanying photo with the same inaccurate claim that the "Central American Parliament is now considering [Zelaya] over his rival, new President Porfirio Lobo, for membership in the Parlacen".

At the international level, a large number of Latin American countries said they would boycott a scheduled summit of Latin American and European countries if Lobo was allowed to attend; Lobo himself withdrew from the get-together. Amnesty International demanded that the identities and whereabouts of people arrested yesterday be revealed.

As time went on, however, some of those same supporters began to have their own questions about whether the ouster was constitutional after all, and whether it did more harm to democracy than anything Zelaya was allegedly up to.

New Honduran president faces crisis of legitimacy

This quotation comes from a story by IPSNews that contains the curious detail that, in fact, neither Micheletti nor Zelaya has made any move to take up the seat afforded to former presidents.

At least a hundred Zelaya supporters were killed in the aftermath of the coup. Canada and the European Union are expected to follow suit.

Honduran general election, 2009

Before results were announced, the United States, Panama and Peru signalled they would accept the election as a way out of the crisis. Now is the time to start again. In recent weeks the de facto authorities curbed civil liberties and cracked down on critical media and Zelaya supporters, leaving hundreds injured and detained and at least 10 reportedly killed.

Pepe Lobo is giving away the government in the hands of the enemies of Honduras. They accused Zelaya of plotting to extend his rule, a charge he denied. This entry was posted in Uncategorized on. In spite of international and internal objections and a partial boycott by Zelaya supporters, the Micheletti regime carried out the scheduled national elections on Nov.

The resistance is continuing to come up with new actions. We are grateful for the courage of Roberto Micheletti, who along with his team were put to very strong international pressure, giving an example of dignity and patriotism that will leave its mark.

Since then, Lobo, supported by the United States, has been working to get his regime recognized by the international community. And apparently, no one could advise him, or he did not want to get advice.

Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by flagrantly violating the Constitution and laws. It stipulates that outgoing presidents of member states are immediately admitted.Central American Parliament wonders who's the legitimate president of Honduras? Many countries in Latin America continue to question the legitimacy of the new administration of Porfirio Lobo.

Honduras' newly elected President Porfirio Lobo faces an international crisis even before taking office: many countries of the hemisphere refuse to recognize his government, chosen in the shadow of a coup.

There are already countries that have recognized president Porfirio Lobo as legitimate; unlike Micheletti, who although was legitimate under the law of Honduras, was not recognized due to a campaign mounted by Hugo Chavez, and the understandable fears of the presidents of the world.

The president-elect of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, addresses supporters in Tegucigalpa. Photograph: Claudia Barrientos/AFP/Getty Images A wealthy rancher was due to be declared Honduras's new president today after a tumultuous election dogged by the overthrow of his predecessor.

The coup in the Central American nation of Honduras continues to reverberate four months after a new president, Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo of the right-wing National Party, took power. Killings. Cardinal warns Honduran president of increasing violence Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Feb 6, / pm (CNA).- Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez of Tegucigalpa urged Honduran president Porfirio Lobo to recognize the widespread violence and growing poverty afflicting the country.

The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay
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