The victorian internet by tom standage essay

All the inhabitants of the earth, a telegraph advocate declared inwould be brought into one intellectual neighborhood.

Standage also tells a few fascinating stories of how some people found love on the wires. Standage also tells a few I just finished this wonderful little volume which chronicles the rise and fall of "The Victorian Intenet," the telegraph. Jokes, stories and gossip were shared on the telegraph lines like we do these days in e-mails.

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Morse code is still in use today for certain types of radiotelegraphy, including amateur radio. In a particularly striking example of this analogy, an early American historian of the telegraph, George Prescott, wrote that the telegraph in its most common form, communicating intelligence between distant places, performs the function of the sensitive nerves of the human body.


These parallels to the internet age effectively jump off of every page. Rapid delivery of messages to distant places was a wild dream for most of history; only on the eve of the French Revolution did a workable system come into existence.

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One wonders if the Battle of New Orleans in the War of would have been fought, as a peace treaty was signed weeks before this famous battle was waged. The author makes a clear contrast between the pre-telegraph world and the newly connected one, making an argument that the generation of the Millenials should be counted back to Merchants were also affected because deals with suppliers across the states in the U.

Over the course of the 19th century this primitive network of flapping, clanking machines evolved into a global communication system. Promoted in utopian terms by its backers and dismissed as cumbersome or useless by its critics, over time it proved essential to news and commerce.

Three recent books demonstrate this superbly well. This book entertains, informs, and demonstrates once again that indeed "there is nothing new under the sun. Nimble-fingered operators sent, received and retransmitted messages day and night.

Hapless Scottish fisherman trying to serve gutta perch telegraph wire tubs for supper! Romance blossomed over the wires. Make a Venn diagram like the one below to keep track of the parallels Standage makes. Though it may sound naive to some, I had no idea that they actually laid out over miles of telegraph cable at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean some 2 miles deep in order to connect Europe to Newfoundland and Newfoundland then to the U.

The Victorian Internet

Sep 06, R. Morse code was invented by Samuel F. The second message on that line, sent immediately after the words that had been so carefully composed for the historical record, was "Have you any news?

The Victorian Internet Essay Sample

For instance, he notes that prior to the telegraph, news took 10 weeks to get from Britain to certain outposts in India, but once the telegraph was installed there, it took just 4 minutes!Tom Standage is the former technology editor and current business editor at the Economist.

He is the author of Writing on the Wall: Social Media-The First Years, the bestseller A History of the World in 6 Glasses, An Edible History of Humanity, The Turk, and The Neptune File/5(). Speaking on the Internet, Standage maintained that the internet serves the same role in this age that the telegraph played in communication in its age.

In chapter one on the book, Tom referred to the telegraph as the mother of all networks. But while Standage's history may be telegraphic, his writing is colorful, smooth and wonderfully engaging.

The Victorian Internet is a delightful book. John R. Alden, an anthropologist and archaeologist, has long been fascinated by 19th-century social history. Tom Standage is a journalist and author from England. A graduate of Oxford University, he has worked as a science and technology writer for The Guardian, as the business editor at The Economist, has been published in Wired, The New York Times, and The Daily Telegraph, and has published five books, including The Victorian Internet[1][2]/5.

Tom Standage, The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century’s On-line Pioneers One to two paragraph brief summary of the book. o Long waits for prior communication Took a while to receive news Often too late Nineteenth Century’s On-line Pioneers One to two paragraph brief summary of the.

The telegraph, which now seems a curious relic, was once cutting-edge technology, every bit as hot, Standage reminds us, as today's Internet.

The victorian internet by tom standage essay
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