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Almost as if to kill all of their human identity, symbolising their inevitable end, and raises the question, without any human difference, are they really alive? Structurally, this is a very unique poem for Dawe. Humans are separated from animals and to a lesser extent machinery by our ability to think to feel; our individuality.

Instantaneously these assumptions are once again proved incorrect, and more so they are omitted instantly. The poem illustrates the futility of most of the parade ground exercises which are not relevant to actual fighting especially to the airforce pilots.

The lack of full stops serves as to resemble a life in the ranks, one that is always ongoing and without rest and respite. Dawe has represented both of the marginalised soldiers in both of the respective poems through his use of literary devices which can all fall under the brackets of a Imagery and b language, integrating into some finer details.

The audience were assuming the poem would be about these brave faced soldiers given weapons and being taught how to use them whilst a feeling of comradely and admiration flows through the air.

Social Issues Explored in Bruce Dawe’s Poetry

Furthermore, Dawe has utilised the literary device of language to help give voice to the marginalised soldiers. The commander is in a sense, trying to instil mechanical features into the humans, to erase the human error, and thus the soldiers becoming one with their gun, moving like clockwork.

They are collecting human corpses. This repetition emphasises the dryness of their activities involved with war. The main idea created through the use of language is again how ill treated they were, not only on their return but the way their bodies were treated.

Comment on the Sound Effects, verbal music, its rhyme, rhythm and melody. Read the poem aloud. Finally, there most obvious or noteworthy part of this poem is the lack of punctuation and full stops; representing the never ending rest of the war victims, but know, after all the fighting, and their death, they can finally rest, represented by the first and final full stop.

Sadly, this was not the case, and their efforts went on unrecognised. A sense of cautiousness has been created throughout the crew, almost as if to signify what the realisation of what they are risking.

The tenor of the persona a N. This sense of accomplishment had been earned through the hard work and sacrifices that soldiers had gone through during the horrific events of world war one and two.Weapons training and homecoming are both poems that argue against the success of the Vietnam war by using strong imagery to bring the readers emotions into play.

Bruce Dawes poem ‘Weapons Training’ is a piece written about experiences of the Vietnam War in an interesting and unconventional way.

Weapons Training

Below is an essay on "Bruce Dawe’s Attitude Towards the Society and War with Close References to His Poems. “Homecoming”, “Weapons Training” and “Enter Without so Much as Knocking”." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In ‘Weapons Training’ Bruce Dawe has used language to capture human experience through the use of the rhetorical question used in line 4, ‘are you queer?’. The use of this rhetorical question sets the tone of this human experience/ poem, the tone of brutalisation, of turning a man into a machine, a machine with no feelings or emotions.

explore the poetry of Bruce Dawe and the way he uses particular aspects of language to shape meaning and Weapons Training relaxed punctuation and first-person narrative help develop these characters.

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"Weapons Training" by Bruce Dawe, is an 'anti-war' poem, a dramatic monologue in which an instructor is teaching new recruits about their weapons in preparation for the Vietnam War. His voice is aggressive and demanding, the tone of the instructor is disciplined and hard on his students.

What is the connection between the poet’s life and the poem entitled Weapons Training?

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Weapons training bruce dawe essay help
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