Women in combat should they stay

Women are a big part of the United States military regardless of being in a combat role. Women are generally considered to be very gentle, caring and compassionate. Allowing women to serve doubles the talent pool for delicate and sensitive jobs that require interpersonal skills not every soldier has.

Do We Need Women in Combat?

Sincethe Marines have also placed more than 40 female Women in combat should they stay and senior NCOs in those battalions to serve as mentors for female Marines who might be assigned there in the future, Krebs said. She was wounded on base not on the front lines and is a purple heart recipient.

Those positions include medic, Black Hawk pilot, geospatial engineer and paralegal specialist. I would stand behind any one of my female colleagues—because there is no way in HELL I would ever stand in front of one! Also, they would have problems when a need arises to carry the body of a wounded comrade off the battlefield.

Her subconcious brain has been programed to kill the male gender. By doing this I asked; Do you believe that women should be able to fill the roles in combat other than medics or nurses?

Can women endure the physical and physiological rigors of sustained combat operations, and are we willing to accept the attrition and medical issues that go along with integration?

What a fantastic idea! Having women serving in direct combat will hamper mission effectiveness by hurting unit morale and cohesion. Lets load up convicted felons with fire arms and send them out into a civilian rich environment with the expectation that they will make good military choices.

He does not discuss the changes in the culture from previous wars and conflicts but he does raise a good question. Some women are in fact, stronger than some men. Women are more effective in some circumstances Women in combat should they stay men. It is easy to recruit and deploy women who are in better shape than many men sent into combat.

Is this proxy test going to evaluate that? Women, who choose to become active combat soldiers, are unlikely to shirk their duty by becoming pregnant after a call-up as these women have willingly joined the army. Likewise, it may be argued that the ability to cope with stress is a characteristic that varies between individuals, regardless of gender.

I understand the will to fight. Women have been a part of the United States military forever, as a wife of a military man, as a nurse, as a non-combat military member and other roles that are important to the United States military. The inconsistency could cause friction between the two services, critics say.

The feedback that I received was very good feedback from Major Stovall whom served in the Army for 20 plus years. Compare the men in women in combat and see who is less weakened or stronger after a deployment I guarantee that the women come back weaker and more emotional from a deployment in a combat zone than a man does.

Private Hall responded because she is not only a female in the Army but is also due to deploy in a few months. Being a good soldier takes much more than just being able to fight your enemies off in MMA style brawl. There are women who are ten times as strong as men. Men and women are both given opportunities to join the army, but with the understanding that different roles require different physical, emotional attributes.

Perhaps a women might not have the upper hand in hand to hand combat. Widening the applicant pool for all jobs guarantees more willing recruits. Women are strong but are they strong enough to uphold a position in combat with the united states military because of the past of not being able to serve in combat, they can make the men of the military feel weak, and also them being in combat can lead to many things along the sides of veteran men in combat whom have been doing their MOS in combat longer than a women has.

What could possibly go wrong? We are convinced that… women could and should play a more important This article is for the most part well written and has some good points behind it. Most women love a man who loves them and knows how to treat them With this comes a part of life that will always be there, men and women belong together but they will always be fearful of each other in a career path because of intimidation.

Leaving military combat to the young men an age-old tradition, after all need not, and should not, entail relegating women to the status of mere chattel. It is a stretch, but he could possibly have won his argument in some circles if he had just gone with his statement about men being bigger and stronger.

This quality is what makes him dismissive. The blanket restriction for women limits the ability of commanders in theater to pick the most capable person for the job. And even though women today do have the opportunity to enter the army, they are not officially allowed to enter combat and fight alongside their male counterparts.

While most women lack the necessary physical strength, some may be strong enough to perform in combat situations and they may even be able to meet the male fitness requirements.Arguing For and Against Women in Combat, in argued that women should not serve in combat roles because they aren't And we now make it much easier for a woman to stay in the armed.

Dec 12,  · Considering all the arguments, it can be seen that women should be allowed to enter combat; it would be wrong to keep them from combat situations because of the traditional image they are associated with. should women serve in combat units?

Until recently, women in the United States were only able to enlist in military support positions and couldn’t physically serve in combat.

Women In Combat, Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Just like men, women should be allowed to choose how they fight for their country based on their strengths. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Thursday lifted a ban on women serving in combat roles, which clears the path for military women to serve on the ground in direct combat.

It overturns a rule that prohibited women from being engaged in infantry and other combat roles. In the modern world of combat (Afghanistan, Iraq), all women serving in the military are exposed to “front-line risks”. Support for women serving in the armed forces has not wavered as warfare has changed, a clear sign that the necessity of women serving in combat is recognized.

Cultural Differences &. Three problems plague the debate over whether all combat units should finally be opened to women. (Actually, there are four problems: The fourth and most important being the likelihood that there will be no real debate, something that I hope this article will help to mitigate).

Women in combat should they stay
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